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  1. Hey, any chance you still have the front bar??
  2. hey, if the sale drops through, let me know, I'll take it for $80 and pay for shipping.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a front bar for my v35 coupe. Doesn't matter what colour it is or if the paint is scratched, so long as it's in good condition. I'm in Sydney but happy to pay postage. Otherwise, does anyone know what a replacement front bar goes for from nissan?? Thanks, aly
  4. Hi all, Well I'm a newly converted, soon-to-be skyline owner. I'm currently looking for a 350GT to import from Japan. After much pestering, I have decided to trade in my finely crafted european motor vehicle (saab aka ikea convertible) for a plastic rice-mobile. :-P Well I guess it's rather fitting, I'm an honourary asian anyway, go UNSW MED! Anyway, look forward to chatting in the future. Aly
  5. In the end Simon and I decided not to go for the cream interior. Turns out there was a stain on the driver's side leather, which seemed to suggest future trends. It's a shame, because the leather looked quite nice, but I can just imagine it driving me mad after getting drenched in the rain one day and having my jeans seep colour into the leather. Not to mention, Simon's a grub, so I'd be forever cleaning or vacuuming. The deciding fact was Simon's description of the gear boot as "baby poo brown".
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