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  1. Birds

    Driving home Friday night I realised Princes Highway is now just BF/FG turbo falcon variants with 375rwkw upgrade packages, consequently a lot faster than the old girl
  2. Birds

    Would it have lost much octane rating? From memory the biggest danger with old E85 is water retention when not sealed properly or if there's spare space in the container.
  3. Birds

    Pfft vast majority of those upgrades are performance sabotaging reliability. How many unopened RBs are/were out there with only the old highflow/afm/fmic/044/Injectors making twice factory power on decades old tech and parts and only the usual 20yo+ perishables like hoses and gaskets needing replacement. When I see a Skyline broken down it's cause some fk wit looped it into a gutter...when I see a VW broken down it's cause someone made the mistake of driving one.
  4. Birds

    Post purchase dissonance? Strikes me that the kind of people buying those cars aren't going to be bragging about their $1000 services or that they made a financially unwise decision given depreciation too. It's probably more the cost of repairs than the frequency of breakdowns itself, but I've seen enough broken down late model VWs that I'd never buy one. The last was outside my house while I was washing my car - kid had lost the clutch in his 5 year old gold. I told him he should have bought Jap...said he did have an S15 til he lost his licence and then wasted his money on that 😂 If a VW of a few years can't handle the daily grind over the twice factory power output and spirited driving that my 25 year old Jap car gets, then I reckon someone doesn't know how to make a reliable car; prolly the same people who fudge figures to pass emissions tests. I CBF looking for statistical data to support, but it's pretty well known how hard the Japs went in the 80s (could have been earlier) to build the future reputation for reliability that they have now, particularly Toyota. 1JZ engineered to handle 500hp+. A Pulsar 1.6 engine with forged pistons. The RB30 bottom end... The irony being that as far as their local market is concerned, the car need only last five years before it's taken off the road.
  5. Birds

    Cover most of the front bar / headlights and it looks like a Calibra lol
  6. Birds

    Yeah...sometimes. Other times they're popular cause they offer the illusion of European grandeur at less than grandeur pricing...well...until shit goes wrong.
  7. Birds

    Work and home is where my shit been attempted at the most lol The random locations I thought she'd get stolen from are the ones I always come back to find her
  8. Birds

    Can I say if I was brave enough and fit inside, I would buy a Fiat 124 Spider...they look so much better than MX5 with a wider track. Turbo engine is the goods too.
  9. Birds

    My myotherapist can attest to love hate marriage between her and her mini with expensive couples therapy sessions and the automotive equivalent of sitting there on armchairs bitching about each other as 70 year old married people vibe
  10. Birds

    I was about to quote your other post and tell you you're dreamin at 10k; all the obscure jap imports have gone through the roof! RX7 and Supra are top offenders, but obviously none worse than the R34 GTR closely followed by NSX and the early rotaries. The Honda boys keeping the S2000 dream alive with all the overpriced "280,000km low km best condition S2000 on the market only two resprays and AP2 rear window glass mugen intake was most powerful n/a 2 litre 20 years ago sings beautifully at 9000rpm but never taken it over 6000rpm" examples floating about
  11. Birds

    Is a girl Already loves trips in Skyline so that's a start 😊
  12. Birds

    Also, am dad now. Feel almost as old as Hamish, but like Hamish of 6 years ago.
  13. Birds

    I used to live in constant fear but resigned myself to the fact that one day it will happen, or more accurately, they'll succeed...given 4 attempts already. Club lock interestingly has been a successful deterrent. Maybe need to look at someone's money pit engine swap sleeper project like an old transplanted BMW that no one would steal?
  14. Birds

    So after careful consideration of your requirements I'd probably go with the R33 GTS-T
  15. Birds

    Wanna carpool to the hospital
  16. Birds

  17. Birds

    As long as the government is seen to be doing something about it
  18. Birds

    Spend 20k on it
  19. Birds

    There's a flip side to it where you sometimes get an easy inspection on a defect clearing...
  20. Using an FC Hako I end up having to fk around with the com ports nearly every time. It eventually works but it comes down to me remembering which USB port it's supposed to go into and a combination of opening the app after connecting or connecting while the app is open or connecting before ignition on and waiting for the moons to align. But it does eventually connect...fortunately there's rarely someone behind me at the servo when changing tunes over with it.
  21. Lowest I got was 99 cents; they were good times indeed. Cheaper to run than 98 and more power. Now it's more expensive to run but still worth it for the powaaaa...
  22. Knew this wouldn't last! Nice car
  23. Birds

    Can't hate the Swift Sport; weighs under a ton with a 1.4 turbo Interested to see how that drives and responds to light tuning. Would surely handle very well.