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    Diversifying only works to protect money, but not to make significant amounts of it. It averages out your losses, but also your profits in the name of safety. Case in point...if you'd put every dollar you had of cash into 1.5/1.6 88E of yesterweek, by now you'd have cleared more gains than 10 years of compounding bank interest at current rates. 88E may well waste the long termers time but I've always maintained there's a truckload to be made off that perpetual dump and ramp cycle on asx releases. Quote me now: once that current well is spud and they are on the cusp of testing it, good or bad outcome, the price will ramp before the fact. Save for some unseen shit going down, the ramp is coming.
  2. Birds

    So I mean you could wait a year for 2.6% on your money or buying 88E at 1.5/1.6 will produce nearly 30% in a week Three certainties in life; death, taxes and 88E recovering after a big fall
  3. Birds

    I was doing the same. 5k was getting me like $30 a month, shit was free money. Then you realise capital gains and inflation and it sucks a bit... Interest ain't worth it now
  4. Birds

    That's hideous...I remember the days of 8% when it was worth having interest. Rather put in a bluechip or some sort of Alaskan oil explorer.
  5. Birds

    Don't know, maybe don't leave any tailored suits out in the paddocks and you should be right. As for sickness, I can only say she'll be right.
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    Get goats
  7. Birds

    R35 grown on me I'd miss a manual gearbox like hell...but no way would I be prepared to enlist my own private security for events with the previous model.
  8. Birds

    Happy new year lovers! Current 33R carsales bottom = 45K Catching up to and in some places surpassing 32Rs...maybe the yanks' love affair with the 33 shape will realign the models by age vs price? How long before we surpass the 2009 R35s in Australia? Which now seem quite old, and a lot of money for a car of that age...not that they wouldn't be worth it. I wouldn't mind trading up on one at some stage if I can get some money together...
  9. Google literally tells you this
  10. Birds

    Sounds like they weren't interested in lying to themselves Could I go back to 18 I would have picked up a trade and invested while living at home, or gone FIFO at 20-21 for those years that I was single and didn't do anything spectacular with my time
  11. Birds

    Ours were general student counselors who did careers counseling too...can only surmise being a private school the parents had high expectations about career fulfillment. The second one we had was actually a good dude. He used to play CS so we invited 35 year old him around to our houses for LANs when we were about 16...which looking back on is crazy and there's no way anyone in their right mind would pull that shit now!
  12. Birds

    Burgundy Camry gets my money
  13. Birds

    Also need to go back in time and smash into his desk the face of my careers counselor, who 15 years ago advised me not to enter the field of IT because it was a flooded job market
  14. Birds

    I'm pretty sure the expression "the grass is greener on the otherside" was coined for the IT industry
  15. Birds

    You need to put them to sleep by jumping on theirs Damn that's morbid
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  17. Birds

    Good business practice for who? Employees or employer?
  18. Birds

    Won't post where this was parked in case it's a regular visitor there - I wouldn't want a beautiful thing stolen and f***ed up by the scum of society. But lovely LM!
  19. Birds

    The one thing I'll give them is that unlike most of my experiences with imports over the years, the Aussie sedans tend to acknowledge you win or lose. Versus that straight ahead stare pretending they don't have side windows...
  20. Birds

    It's pretty much a competition of who's spent the most money at their tuner. Like a one-make series of racing, I don't see the point of interest - unless it's all about the driving, which it isn't - cause let's face it, they've taken as much skill and variance out of the equation as possible with only rolling drags and fast shift auto boxes. Off the line is the one instance the Skyline could stay on par because their ling longs can't grip up and good tyres aren't included as part of stage 4 at horsepower factory or whatever the dominant south east Aussie tuner is these days. It's playing in their bullpen - a RWD Skyline ain't the best choice for drags; I do well against most production cars and am constantly impressed by how well the old girl holds up. But in the modified scene, looking at how much Luke put in his GTS-T to knock on times that P platers are getting in turbo engine swapped's certainly humbling/boring.
  21. Birds

    Pretty sure I've seen this one around too. Nice profile pic btw
  22. Birds

    Driving home Friday night I realised Princes Highway is now just BF/FG turbo falcon variants with 375rwkw upgrade packages, consequently a lot faster than the old girl