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  1. Selling my NISMO LMGT4 Omori/black edition wheels in 18x10.5+15 size. A genuine set of 4 that feature the machined/engraved NISMO logos (not stickers). These wheels are basically brand new - never been fitted to a vehicle or even been out of their original NISMO/Rays boxes. Have only opened the boxes to inspect for imperfections when I purchased them brand new from a RAYS distributor. They still have their dust covers and factory tags on etc. The plan was to fit them to my R33 GTR project car, but I am now selling that vehicle and so have no use for them. They are ideal size and offset for R32 (may need guard rolling?), R33 and R34 GTRs, and likely other Nissans that utilise the 5 x 114.3 stud pattern. Located in south east Melbourne, prefer pick up but can post at buyer’s expense. $5400 - not entertaining ridiculous offers. Thanks
  2. The prices are realistic…people are paying them. I wouldn’t, but I’m not in the market for one.
  3. Nostalgia’d hard. Thanks 4 tha memories.
  4. Drez up in this bitch Wreakin havoc in car parks Knockin bumpers off colleagues cars
  5. That or the new RS3…which would be more practical…and more expensive…and not manual 🤔
  6. I’d been following the 400Z concept closely, with excitement, because not only did I love the look of it, but production was rumored to source the Q60’s 3L twin turbo engine…as well as being one of the few modern (and fast) sports cars to offer a manual transmission. Looks like they’ve stayed pretty true to the concept here. https://www.drive.com.au/news/2022-nissan-z-revealed-298kw-turbo-v6-manual-gearbox-for-new-sports-coupe-here-in-2022/ Who else is buying one? 😃
  7. https://www.drive.com.au/news/2022-nissan-z-revealed-298kw-turbo-v6-manual-gearbox-for-new-sports-coupe-here-in-2022/
  8. Given benefit of the doubt, it could be one of these scenarios Her: “You still haven’t sold that damn car yet; get rid of it; we need to make room for a minivan” ”I put the ad up…see! Just haven’t had any bites yet.”
  9. Best ad ever, the enquiries must be rolling in Check out this 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec BCNR33 Manual 4WD. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-nissan-skyline-gt-r-v-spec-bcnr33-manual-4wd/SSE-AD-7272590
  10. Birds

    Spotted Thread

    Been a lifetime since I seen you tbh
  11. One of the reasons R33 and the like are selling for what some deem “dumb money” is the same reason you’re struggling to find something you like this side of 40k...they were always an underpriced vehicle in my opinion. At 10k I was spruiking them the performance bargain of the century, now here we are!
  12. It is such an awfully unpredictable market but the instant trading at all hours of the day is a huge advantage instead of being slave to announcements and market opens. I had 10k of DOGE at 6 cents just trying to short term it for a couple grand when the Elon tweets first started hyping it...so I’m a little pissy right now having sold out of that when it wasn’t doing much. No one in their right mind would have stayed in with a substantial holding though...so well done to the insane people who did.
  13. 88E is just one spec stock and going from 0.7 cents to 9.5 cents is potentially 13-14x your investment in the space of a few months - assuming perfect timing. My timing netted me about 7-8x return, which is incredible for any investment really. To get that or more out of trading crypto in most recent times, you’d have had to enter circa March last year and held til start of this year. I believe in crypto’s profitability short/medium/long and do invest in it myself with all those plans; some nice wins so far, but 88E still leading my revenue. I’m not so quick to discount the profitability of spec stocks and being tangible investments. What coins/tokens are you in?
  14. Pretty much why they’re worth that now.
  15. I have a similar mindset...I mean I love my car but to me it’s still the 10k car I bought 12 years ago. They’re not worth 25-30k to me. I guess someone who never owned one or someone who has a lot of cash to burn might see it differently. The sentimentality keeps me from parting with it, but it is nice to know that if it gets stolen then I’ll be decently compensated for it. I tried with enthusiast and they were around the same price as Shannon’s, but they were happy to insure for a little more. I went with Shannon’s because I’ve never heard bad about their claims process and they have multi policy/vehicle discounts which will help in future. Their excess is also only about $650 versus others that make you pay more for being a Skyline.
  16. Fkin oath...still got my eye on the big prize, but it has been good to me regardless of how things turn out.
  17. Yep...dunno for how much longer though cause the premium is more than double versus limited use.
  18. This one went from 0.7 cents to 9.5 cents recently and back down again. Made a killing!
  19. Por que no los dos Shannons insured GTS-T for 30k Bitcoin on a nice recovery
  20. This conversation is surreal and funny
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