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  1. $650 bump Collars spin very freely, the threads are in great condition as you can see.
  2. Are Unique exxy? Or sliding scale depending on the work?
  3. I think that's what Palmer is trying to target with all his ads that seem to split progressive and conservative values down the middle; but not sure their execution is all that good or resonating with the centrists
  4. You appear to be a socialist only slightly intolerant of gays and change, comrade
  5. You've aged, welcome to the dark side.. Insert that quote about being conservative at age 20 and having no heart, or liberal at age 40 and having no brain.
  6. That or around that from memory^ They were pretty low rates as I wanted something very street friendly at the time.
  7. I might give FB groups a go Last time I did that through Leesh's account and the first two buyers were "Send me your address" and the atypical "Do you still have this?" followed by no response. I assume the latter is people scoping out their options and then choosing one other than yours.
  8. I can understand him wanting to turn his caveat emptor risk into mine - once he's done his home garage swap and given them his speed bump test or cleared his ride height defect before inevitably returning them to me. So I inherit his risk, a lot of time wasting and no sale. Condition should be a decent giveaway by looking at them to ascertain mileage or treatment and chances of them functioning as they should. But there's a reason second hand gear sells for half of new - I wouldnt buy shocks with any other assumption than the possibility of needing a revalve and factoring that into cost. Same with second hand fuel injectors and cleaning/replacing o rings, filters etc.
  9. I tried but your mother wouldn't go out on consignment
  10. Selling a set (4) of used Tein Super Street Coilovers to suit R33 GTS-T / ECR33 Skylines. I am unsure if these will fit non-turbo models, but I assume they are the same. They are the Japanese spec/version. Hard to find these now as they are a discontinued item. From memory Fulcrum suspension do service them if revalving is ever needed. I removed these from my R33 a couple of years ago, as I developed an interest in weekend club racing and put more expensive, track oriented coilovers in. They were functioning fine when removed and have been stored in individual boxes since. Aesthetically, they are in good condition with no rust, only minor roadwear like the occasional paint chip - see photos. I've been keeping them as spares because I tend to hoard my factory parts / anything I replace, but my partner has demanded a garage clean up and these take up way too much space. Can post at buyer's expense or drop off within metropolitan Melbourne. Tein Super Street are height and damper adjustable coilovers - bolt in and set your desired ride height with a pair of C spanners, then set your desired firmness via simple twist of the valve tops. These coilovers were designed to be a street-friendly compromise that could comfortably take road bumps, but still provide significant handling benefits over stock suspension and aftermarket spring/shock combos - perfect for the daily driver driven with spirit on weekends. $750 (also listed on Gumtree/eBay for $800)
  11. Did ya sell before today lol
  12. People doing skids and drifts on the street are not the kind to want to do it legally; illegal is half the appeal, along with convenience, danger and an audience. You can't build a track within ten mins of everyone. Unaffordable / not enough tracks/events is just the official excuse. Off the record? Why pay for something far away that you can do for free close by if getting away with it. Keeping in mind the mentality of "won't die doing this", so safety doesn't enter the equation. Oh and OP...
  13. 88E is a great short term money maker If you're prepared to buy in after the falls and get out before the news drops. I've called it every time; borderline cyclical; just haven't had the cash to throw at it and I'm not sitting out for when they finally hit a win. Latest announcement says a bidder for the conventional has been selected...will we get a deal out of it?
  14. I don't think it's that massive. Depends on suburb obviously but where I bought had a 3Bed median of $530k at the time, peaked at about 610 and has scaled back to about 590. Even at 530 people were harping on about not being able to afford to buy so I'd say unless it goes well under the rentals in suburbia are still going to be strong. People work jobs in the city and such and may not want the travel time of where they can afford to buy. Lack of rental price drop could also be rentals being owned by people who don't have any loan or shortfall to pay back and aren't desperate to tenant it...foreign buyers of a certain nationality??
  15. My fault, I was telling Leesh how predictable this share is to ramp up from the high teens into the 2's again as it inevitably does and I said I should have offloaded yesterday.
  16. This was one I didn't wanna be right about...Red Emperor down about 75-85% whilst 88E nearly halved...
  17. With 20/20 hindsight they would have been a good one to get onto simply because this well is their biggest operation/objective right now, whilst 88E as only a joint venture have their eggs in a lot of other baskets. Suppose it could have gone the other way had the drilling results been average and Red Emperor could have been smashed with a heavier drop whilst 88E stayed more robust at around 1.4-1.6. It's promising though; we've been 1.8 for a long time now. Goes to show that indisputably positive news can lift us up. People just want to hear more or less the words "we've found oil" and then they buy. Everything else is a drop on news.
  18. Here comes 88E's delayed ray of light - dropped down to 1.4 cents two days ago and now London is currently up 35% on news of multiple targets identified, equivalent to AUD 2.3 cents...would have been a great buy at that low! But you never know which way it will go... Suck it to all the twits who firesold it into the ground 😂
  19. Volatile history or not, their 30% rise was still arguably a reaction to drilling results...case in point they didn't tank like 88E. Per usual we follow London's lead of optimism for some reason...they were happy enough to claw back 15-16% overnight and their par is pretty much where we finished today. Where management shits me is they probably didn't need to do a trading halt for an interim drilling update that more or less said "Looking okayish so far, still gotta finish the job though".
  20. Baffled how 88E can tank and then rise to even again meanwhile Red Emperor, whom 88E has a working interest in, rises 30% off effectively the same news delivered. Two possibilities come to mind: 88E shareholders are still touch and go shaky investors and possibly market manipulated...or... Des did you throw more money in the bin?
  21. Teaching is where it's at for $$$ these days Leesh be killin dezz in the overpaid union stakes; don't even have to block off city streets
  22. I'd like to see the correlation between installation of pod filters and the increase of sudden infant death syndrome. For real though, what the f**k kind of impact on the environment would adding a pod filter to an intercooled setup have, to justify the EPA making someone take a day off work to change it and get it passed. Australia's entire impact in the greater scheme of world emissions has been established as f**k all. Those are the kinds of laws that needed to be binned; laws created for no other reason than to enforce sanctions against modified vehicles.
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