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  1. Ive had this noise going on with my clutch the last few months, Managed to record the sound my clutch is making on cold start up. I don't seem to hear much once its warmed up except for the occasional whine towards the end of the drive. took the car to a clutch/trans this morning so they could have a listen and by murphys law it didn't make a sound. He test drove it and said the gearbox is solid, if he was to open it up to inspect itd be a cpl of Gs to possibly change the input shaft bearing and maybe recondition the gearbox, he did say to do a gearbox oil change considering the klms on the clock (290000ks) Any other thoughts from the gurus out there? 20180724_071438.mp4 20180723_133931.mp4 20180723_133931.mp4
  2. will check into that tonight. thanks mate!
  3. bit of a topic revival - the whining sound that comes from it - would you get it from starting up the car, then it stops, then it starts back up again? I'm starting to get a high pitched squeal on intermittent start ups - wracking my head as to what is actually the cause, but then also after driving for a while the sound will come back and then go. it sounds like an angry bearing noise.
  4. This happened to me last night. Luckily looked in my garage before going to bed, pulled the fuse so it didn't drain the battery. Attached images for others if it happens to you. (Part number suits a 95 R33 gtst) Surprisingly cheap part from nissan spares. Taarks was slightly cheaper (but out of stock)
  5. Yea, was pretty happy I hadn't f**ked the engine completely
  6. a bit of an update - had a mobile mechanic out to have a listen and look & he suggested it could be some dirty lifters as the noise wasn't down low on the block. Threw some nulon lifter free & tune up in and the sound went away, a band-aid solution - will have to get around to do a overhaul on the engine at some point.
  7. Awww shite... Thanks man. Can't complain for a 22 yr old engine which hasn't had any work done to it and lasted. The noise did increase with revs, Oil pressure has remained the same - didn't see any drops in the gauge while driving, never had any lights come on to indicate otherwise. Have noticed a slight belt squeal lately on start up, not sure which belt though Is it a costly rebuild?
  8. as an update - i did the old paper clip in the diagnostic plug trick to see if any error codes came up. I got 5 long flashes & 5 short flashes (All Ok?)
  9. So car started fine yesterday, didn't drive it today. Started it up to go throw some fuel in and was welcomed with this banging noise like someone had thrown a brick into a dryer. Any suggestions from the video attachment?? Engine Noise.mp4
  10. Yea, I gave it a 3-4 wipe downs allowing it to dry in sun between the cleans. Checked with the meter and it came up good. The gauge wasn't reading the wrong level all the time, once a month maybe once every 2 months I'd fill up and watch the needle drop past empty then hit a bump on the road and watch it climb back up to full
  11. Finally decided to do this clean today & f**k me it's a pain in the arse!!!. Managed to drop the bracket in the fuel tank while trying to put it back in - that was a fun exercise with up to my armpit in the fuel tank with a pair of tongs trying to get the f**ker out.
  12. the link below has some decent photos which will assist
  13. problem has been answered by Chris Rogers. a Motorola plug is what's needed.
  14. i think i may have seen the answer in this topic if thats the case - not coax, but what plug will I need to wire up to the existing antenna cable so that i can plug in the diversity lead that aeropro sells? (AP348A or AP348B?)
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