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  1. Hi mate, the post is old buy i am interested if still avaliable, running er34 rb25det neo
  2. Hi mate, After a full system for ER34 rb25det neo 4 door Options with prices would be great Thanx
  3. Hi All, Just boosted my stock turbo on a R34 RB25 DET with neo head, stock boost was around 7-8 psi, after installing a turbosmart boost T we have boosted pressure to 14 - 15psi, say 14psi. The problem we are having now is that on full stick the engine rpm winds to 5000 rpm, pauses for a while then winds out to 7000 rpm nicely. Any idea what might be causing this slight pause at 5k under hard , full acceleration?? The problem seem to be possibly heat related as on the 1st run it seems find but on the 2nd , 3rd and 4th run the problem occurs, possibly the timing adv., sorry no dyno in Samoa Help apprecaited.
  4. Hi All, With a stock 2000 RB25-DET NEO engine is the turbo steel, ceramic or plastic? Also I have just installed a Turbo Smart electronic boost controller and wanted to ask what would be the max boost you could run for short drags etc with the stock turbo?
  5. Hi Fletch, Did you get my reply? Thanks also for the websites, the only thing is that STA parts website does not work
  6. Hi Fletch, I am in Samoa (aka western Samoa), Since you where probably out this way last we have switched the side of the road that we drive on so the doors have been open for the last 24 months to imports from Japan, NZ, Aust and Singapore. I picked up my R34 RB25DET NEO in Singapore for around USD$3500. Car is in excellent condition but 4 door and tiptronic auto. Just to set the story straight basically if I have a RB25 NEO head all I need is a RB30 or RB30e block + rings and bearing basically to o/haul the 2nd hand block and a RB30 water pump.. The aluminium welding that is needed is done to the head or the block. I was under the impression that the head is untouched and the block you need to weld over the VCT and machine it flat again. In regards to the block, why does it have to be machine down, is this because you use the RB25DET piston heads in the RB30 block and use the STD RB30 conrods?? We can do the welding and machining here thus why i asked. I also read on the forum about changing the Crank angle sensor and you mention above a RB26 head gasket not a RB25 gasket?? Thanks for the parts contact in NZ, currenly burning a hole in my pocket buy genuine parts from JAPAN.
  7. Hi Adriano, When you say the NEO head requires different pistons, it this on a std. engine or when changing from a RB25 to RB30 block and using a NEO head.
  8. Hi Chris, Thanks for that info, did you use a turbo or non turbo RB30 block? Also what was it like after all that hard work? Was there a huge increase in power? Are you running a R34 RB25 DET standard head or the NEO head? Sorry about all the queations but the street drags in Samoa have truned out to be a battle between the american V8's and Jap imports and so far the V8's are winning. Did you put the all expensive forged pistons in the RB30 block along with the forged conrods or just use the std. rb30 pistons?
  9. thats great to hear, what exactly did you need to do, please note i am running a rb25det r34 with neo head
  10. so if the crank sensor is the only diff, thats not to hard to solve. So basically i buy a rb30 block, o/haul the dam thing and change the pistons if needed and bolt the rb30 block directly onto my rb25det neo head and thats it???? I gather i will need to buy a rb30det block not a rb30de block?
  11. Hi All, Posting form Samoa after reading the 300 pages on the RB25 to RB30 conversion and have a few questions if anyone can help out. You see in Samoa there is no one to talk to thus why I joined up. The 300 page attachment talk mainly about R32 and R33 Skyline but does not mention if the conversion is possible on R34 skyline?? Has anyone out there done this on a R34 Skyline and if so what basically has to be done, how hard is it???
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