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  1. Hi, i own an r34 gtr. Does it have a overflow can to catch oil overflow? If so where is it? Thanks
  2. Hi, I just bought an R34GTR Vspec. It only has 30,000 km on it. Firstly, it leaks about 4 to 5 drips of oil each night. I see it on the ground in the morning. What could this be? Are all oil leaks serious? For a car with such low kms i wouldnt expect it to be leaking. Secondly, sometimes (i guess it's about once every 30 hours of driving--so not that often) when i have my foot to the floor revs will increase as normal then all of a sudden it's like it's only firing on 4 cylinders and i lose power. For example the other day i rev it to like 7000 revs in first gear, then changed into second gear and put my foot down again and immediately it was like half the cylinders weren't producing power. Sometimes ill just be driving slow, and all of a sudden it happens. The engine sound changes. Instead of it being the crisp ZZZZZZ sound of the skyline, it changes to Bop-bop-bop-bop-bop sound. Then all of a sudden it will be fine again and i get full power back and the car takes off again and the car drives for about another 20-30 hours without it happening again. Oil, water, temp, etc is always fine. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just bough an R34 GTR Vspec. It's stock standard, except for catback impul exhaust and performance air filters. What are the basic bolt-on mods i can do to get more KW from it? I spoke to someone who said i can increase the boost, get it tuned for the extra boost, and do a few other things (i cant remember what they were) and i could get it to 250 rwkw.
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