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  1. @BLISTC - where bout r u located and how much it cost to change jdm Japanese to English ? I am thinking of importing a 2009 gtr r35
  2. as the title stated , i only interested in a 4wd r 34 only , doesnt matter is sedan or coupe , let me know what you got and also the picture , price and condition . thank you
  3. Hey guys , I am just wondering whether my enr34 rust are repairable and able to comply to australia import or not ? I had attached the photo of the tower structure that is quite rusty . and if it repairable , will it cost me a fortune ? the enr34 is very rare and more rare than the gtr r34 and I don’t feel like wrecking it and sell the parts .
  4. i saw a news bout the nissan elgrande won the case bout the 7 seater convertion, just wondering whether NOW r we allowed to bring this toyota alphard ?
  5. got the wrong product , willing to let it go at 450.00 , pick up in augusta , western australia is a ken style bumper , search google if u want the look of it , or pm me for a email , the pic is in my email my number 0430217875
  6. just wondering who in australia r doing the compliance and how much does it cost to comply a v36 sedan and can the touch screen of the car be convert into english?
  7. yea , is the radiator support , thanks
  8. my car got ram by a STUPID kangaroo and i need to buy some parts, does anyone got any SEDAN v35 series 1 1) FRONT BUMPER 2) Radiator 3) radiotor cover thank you and hope u guys can help me, my number 0430217875
  9. so how much are we looking at if we wan to get of those that u shown ?
  10. but as we all can see that IF we can comply the nissan elgrand , i dont see why we can do this one ? kristian , can u give us some guidance please
  11. does any one whether this car can be import into australia or not ? and how much does it cost because i cant find any details bout this car , thanks toyota alphard
  12. just wondering whats the different between this 3 spec for v36 sedan p , sp and s version, does anyone know anything bout this and does anyone know who can do the compliance for the sedan 350gt , thanks
  13. i saw the new update for the raw website , they are letting us import the v36 sedan 350gt only , BUT who can we look for to comply the car ?
  14. so , r u saying even if we buy from them , they cant even register it for us ?
  15. how can fabcar do it and none in australia workshop did it ?
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