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  1. dose_it

    Yeah pretty funny how people buy shit then mark it up a few months later. If I was on Facebook id add you. But I absolutely despise social networking sites. I hate them with a passion so alas you will not find me on one. Sold my ceffy on Sunday too. Got 3k for it with my Cage. Was surprised how many calls about it I got. I thought it was going to be a hard sale
  2. dose_it

    No dramas at all. I've been okay. Had a death in the family so Unfortunatly I'm selling my ceff it's unfortunate but sometimes there's more important things than cars. By the sounds of it I think you should buy it back. Then you can go back to having the tidiest/unmolested ceffy in wa again.
  3. dose_it

    Rowan, Did you know your old ceff is back up for sale? Tis on gumtree
  4. dose_it

    Yep it will just sorta fold out around the rear bars if that makes sense.
  5. I have for sale my Cefiro roll cafe It's 6 point. I don't have backing plates I just ran it with a few big washers Selling due to getting rid of my Cefiro. Will send interstate at buyers expense. Maybe expensive tho Selling for $800 Pm for contact details Oh I should state I'm in wa
  6. dose_it

    Nah Rowan not that guy. He gave up. Bought a 180. He just didn't have the enthusiasm to keep up the search. This other mate however has the respect for the type of vehicle they are and doesnt want a Cefiro he wants a laurel but I laughed at his face And said good luck can't even find a cef and you want a c33 So he went home. Cried. Then ordered pizza. Googled more laurels. Cried some more. Then thought bout moving to nz. I slapped him. Then he came good and will settle for a Cefiro. I even tried to sell him mine. "what would I want with a f**king orange unlicensed Cefiro?" I replied touché And the search began. /csb I miss antilag
  7. dose_it

    Nic. My friend still would seriously like to look at this car. He's not going to track it or drift or street skid etc as he has a s13 for that. If you still have my contact number shoot me a message when you are ready to sell
  8. dose_it

    Passed info onto mate. Who wants to stop using gtr as daily. You selling the other ceffy too? I could be interested in that one Also side note do you have any late model tailights you wanna sell my rig Needs a new passenger side one
  9. dose_it

    All stocks gone now. People heard they were closing down and bought heaps of stuff cheap. Far as I know left overs got sold to kyp.
  10. dose_it
  11. dose_it

    Key word there is 'had' Haha lancer. Far from buddy. Love your comebacks
  12. dose_it

    ^ don't listen to this kid he's an idiot. Doesn't even own a nissan. Go back to supra forums Agree with Rowan do it in a school area. Dont forget to do a burnout first to warm the tyres for maximum traction
  13. dose_it

    Oh tough choice. I'm in exactly the same boat as you. I'm leaning towards new gtr grey or something like the 34 z tune silver
  14. dose_it

    Me obviously
  15. dose_it

    Nic how much are you going to sell yours for?