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  1. Hi All Next series is based on Pre04 builds - we are running an event combining with Nascars at Wakefield Park on the 23rd 24th November in support of Super Truck's - last event was great biggest crowd in many years. Open to all Ex V8 touring cars, for this round. Only rule is driver behaviour - fuel cards etc up for grabs. Skylines and alike can run regularity, (LS2) Super TT or Sports Sedans - (Race lic AASA, CAMS or equivalent) Log / Passbook - as long as you fill out the form and meet the requirements - all good. Can someone PM Risking - he can run E85 for this event and let him know we are still sorting classes for next year for 5.0LTR V8 Touring Cars NSW Series, at Wakefield Park - to be confirmed Please feel free to email ([email protected]) or phone 0418 202 047 for further details. Pushing for Stand Alone Races 2014, V8 Touring at the moment 7 plus cars confirmed Preliminary Calendar MRA NSW - all at Wakefield Park 26th January 27th April 29th June 24th August Plus (No Series Points but great weekends) Truck Series / Nacar invite 17th - 18th May 29th - 30th November Also Interstate invites If you are a non driver or not and are about - will be well worth a watch - November 23rd and 24th - last round was $25 to get in the gate daily or $40 weekend pass. Pm me next week if you are keen I reckon I can do better for you on admission. Thanks all
  2. My cars logged 3D Touring Car - we have been through this with CAMs the cage is complied to run 3D Sports Sedans, you can't build a new car with a Larry bar - some say. Shannons is on this weekend at SMP. We have spoken to many owners of older cars, and this is where we are at. Thanks for your reply
  3. Update::: on work in progress NEW SERIES Touring Cars Pre 03 EXHUMED At Wakefield Park / MRA Proudly supported by Gary's Motorsport Tyres – 14th April, 30th June and 15th September Do you have an old touring car in the shed? Would like to see it on the track. Hi All Introducing a 3 Series - 3 Race Program this year in conjunction with MRA Sport Sedans and for 2014 4 Round – 3 Race Series. Fuel / Gift Vouchers up for grabs - not necessarily to winners of the event - ie best drive, team, officials draw etc. Entries - (Log book $20 - once off, Registration $30 PA AASA) – Event Entries @ $230 per round So far here's the rules; work in progress this year- 1) Eligible drivers must appreciate their vehicle and others - non contact, no blocking. AASA or Cams license required (Circuit) 2) Eligible vehicles Must comply with schedule A & B of CAMs manual with the below exceptions - manufactured pre 2003 model – Touring Car - must be front mount engine - maximum engine size of 5ltr - maximum compression ratio 10:1 - engine must be same as vehicle manufacturer - ECU is Free - Copies of early touring cars may be eligible 3) Roll Cage, seat, seat belts as per CAMs rules for Sports Sedans 4) Fuel maximum of 100 RON - E85 not eligible 5) Gear Box - H pattern with operable reverse and manual / Hyd operated clutch 6) Diff Ratios - free 7) Brake pads and rotors - free, other than only 1 rotor per wheel - no water cooling 8) Tyres and Rims - tyres are free must be of race purpose construction, maximum rim size 18 x 10" 9) Safety - Helmet minimum requirement AS1698. Suit, gloves, boots - minimum required 8856-2000. Fire Extinguishers - Minimum 2 x 1kg current extinguishers available in garage - 1 of can be in vehicle. (Recommended) Please contact Stuart Inwood H: 02 6337 2545 M: 0418 202047 Email: [email protected]
  4. I would like to thank our new series Sponsor for 2013 - Windscreen Banner - Gary's Motorsport Tyres Also thanks to some gift / fuel voucher supporters to date; Gary's Motorsport Tyres ACM Mechanical & Dyno A1 Towing Tutton Plumbing Rural Earthworks JG Lines & Designs All looks good in a week Cheers Stuart
  5. Sorry Brad Nitrous is available too (my car needs it lol), E85 is out for this class, not available at the time these cars were running and the whole plan is to keep these cars even and budget friendly. E85 cars can run in Sports Sedans with us this year, and it looks like with the support we are receiving some gift cards / vouchers will be going to Sports Sedans anyways Cheers
  6. Thanks Risking - yes as long as the model was produced pre03, An 04 commodore VY is fine and BA Falcon is still fine. The Pre 03 year is a base point for other vehicles as well, as super tourers are also welcome ie BMW's, Audi's etc VY with VZ aero is out, same with AU or BA Falcon with BF Aero. As you are aware the aero in this era made a huge time difference to vehicles. Basically looks like rules will be as per Shannons V8 Touring Car series as a base with what we have come up with so far below. At the moment; Eligable drivers - apprecitive of their vehicle and others Eligable vehicles are front engine manufacturer pre 2003 / model build Roll Cage CAMs approved Engine must be maximum 5ltr at 10:1 compression ratio Fuel must be maximum 100 ron // E85 N/A - will be in Sports Sedan Gear box must be H pattern Rim diameter 18" x 10" ECU free Tyre choice free Diff Ratio's free Fuel Cell - CAMs spec for Sports Sedan Seat Belts - CAMs spec for Sports Sedan Seat - CAMs spec for Sports Sedan Fire Extinguishers - as per current CAMs Sports Sedan Rules (but highly recommend 1kg minimum) Brake pads and rotors free Aero forward facing radius minimum 15mm to comply with Schedule F (CAMs) and class Racing Attire minimum FAI 8856 - 2000 Noise as per track requirements Thanks - your thoughts
  7. Wheels nuts are a bit crazy - cost wise aren't they. Not here to bag Shannons / Kumho - not to rough, (maybe just a bit flash for me) too expensive for our budget - simple as that. We have picked this date (pre03) at random for vehicles, on feedback over the last month. Hence the reason we will be running with sports sedans for the 3 rounds this year and your and other feedback is appreciated. If there is any issues on classing, cars will still be eligable if log booked and pass scrutineering to run within Sports Sedan. I feel this is a great benefit to sort and build what class is required. There is many questions and there is going to be many more, for example what do you do with an AU 99 build with BA Aero front only. I would say it can't run, but for the moment it will be in sports sedan, for the sole reason the car is pre 03, aero is not. The chassis is part therefore, and for this reason this year, this vehicle is also eligable for gift / fuel vouchers on offer, if the driver fits the standards we are looking at for the series. So therefore, what we are asking is for people to enter a eligable car and conform to a good friendly budget race series. That sounds basic doesnt it, with the view to chatting with many to get a good base set of rules developed for 2014 series. We are only trying to get a series going we are quite happy with response. This is not a national series, I am already in the poo because of the date picked on acceptance - eg so why shouldn't a low budget BF be able to run? My answer to this, if I could afford a BF I would hope to be taking advantage of it. Anyways for the time Pre 03 is it, clean fun racing for a day $230 - (plus annual fee, passbook /log $20 registration $30 - both to MRA) For this season anyone that is unsure while we are sorting the rules out, don't be shy to ask any questions and turn up - at the worst you might get upgraded to Sports Sedan - its the same sheep station at the end of the day, as long as we all do 3 races and enjoy. Cheers Stuart and Karen
  8. Hi Brad, Will get futher regs when they are sorted, but firstly any touring car pre the 31st December 2002 is welcome, maximum 5ltr - engine block must be that of vehicle manufacturer. The main plan is to get older, unchanged cars back onto the track - hence the reason we are not replacing our engine in Falcon with a 6ltr, thoughts crossed my mind for Sports Sedans but did not want to do cage or any redesigns to car, so keeping 5lt as per SBR, hence not devalueing car. But be able to afford entry fee and have good clean racing. Should go well. The 18 inch wheel option has been added for safety, most 17" were magnesium, beyond their use by date, I know we bin'd 12 out of 20. 18" have better tyre choice, price and more available. New rims are similar price. Next round on the 14th could possibly be a bit quiet, plenty of interest for the 2 later rounds and next year. Cheers Stuart
  9. I can't believe this topic still gets raised, it is very basic - run a breather front and rear of tapet covers, oil / air separater above tapet covers and return line back to sump - does not matter which side, with a super light one way valve and minimum 19mm hoses for breather systems (slows air speed). This will vary if you run 10 pound of boost or 30 - as I do. There is nothing wrong with JE, CP, or Nissan pistons - the ring width should not change the seal with correct end gap, will just reduce friction and life span. If you want 310kw you won't get much blow by, but if you do not do above, your engine won't last on the track. If you want 440kw and you pick the right bits, you can do 4 years with just oil changes, with track, hillclimb, sprints, time attacke etc. We have put several pictures of R32 and R33 system on SAU and other sites - many use it now, no complaints yet - I am with above the mines baffles and restrictors are bollocks, sump is definitely a plus if doing tracks, keeps temps down and adds to safety. Cheers Stuart
  10. Hi All, Got a new series going - for anyone interested Car must be Pre 2003 V8 Touring Car, seat belts and fuel cells only have to comply with MRA / CAMs rules not V8 Touring car rules. Diff ratios / tyres are free, 18x11" wheels max, must be 5ltr, H Pattern - thats the basics. There is 3 rounds in 2013 14th April 2013 30th June 2013 15th Sept 2013 To be run in conjunction with MRA - Sports Sedans this year. Sunday 3 race program cost $230 ea - (passbook/logbook $20, Series Registration $30 - one off annual). Private practice may be available Saturday to be confirmed - at Track cost (TBA) All at Wakefield Park for this year, looking at one of four rounds at Winton (2014) rest at Wakefield Park. For eligable cars - there will be on offer, various fuel cards @ $25 - $50, and same vouchers from various other supporters ie gift cards. Theses bonuses will be presented to ie best and fairest drive, best team, best fun factor team, best presented car etc. Still working on the details - contact me Stuart Inwood email [email protected] for interest or ideas. Entries to be lodged under MRA Sports Sedans - Wakefield Park for 14th April -CAMs log book & licence are fine for first round entered. If any businesses would like to donate gift / vouchers for rounds or sponsor the series - please contact me for information. Eg windscreen banner $2k per round, for 2013 or $100 to allow purchase of fuel vouchers- in return your business name in program, flyers, noticeboard at event, local media and chance of coverage on Speedweek TV and other media. If you want to spend more - we have an AU without a sponsor. (Current NSW Sports Sedan Champion). But top priority is to get the old touring cars out of their sheds. Cheers thanks guys - please pass it around - most appreciated
  11. Looking good, Welsh plugs - all new - yes? and all hoses, under inlet all new - yes? You don't want to be playing under that side after!
  12. Hi All We competed in the Aussie Hillclimb Championships 4/11/12 - Karen won 2A Sports in R33 and set a PB time, Neil wasn't far behind in the same class and I in the AU3, ended up with class win and Fastest Tintop - congrats to all Here's an incar running the Falcon, track temp wasn't anywhere near what we were hoping, my tyres were 2 races old - didn't get to PB time set last December but did what we went for Cheers Karen & Stuart
  13. No worries Matt Have record in Sports Sedan - 23.48 Record for closed 2A time 23.30 Here's the link to results last time there State Round http://hillclimbnsw.org.au/hrs.pdf
  14. Thanks Ryan, seriously if you run this style of rod, check inside of forward bolt hole for cracks. We have gone to HFM brand rod (as this older tie rod failed on our R32, with the same result - new guard, skirt, plastic inner guard, drive shaft - as you know all new is not cheap, but I suppose have been lucky they failed where they did) - let you know how they go. Back to hair pin, still didn't get my record time - tyres were 12 months old and a bit over it - but by coming into hairpin late and going back to 1st gear was a second quicker than the run I did in second gear through there. If anyone needs intercooler hoses (R32 or R33) try car craze - half the price of most others, and good quick service. Also thank Prestige Motorsport for front guard and plastics (new), also good quick postage and service, CV Joints Australia for brand new drive shaft right front overnight, cheaper than used, and as always SSS Automotive.
  15. Hi Matthew - Matt's got the best plan don't go 10/10ths - my thoughts - most tracks have there own little issues as far as safety, bumps, trees, concrete etc but personal opinion with regards to Dapto - first time there I hated it - took all day to get two runs in and not less than 6 really nice cars got trailered home, but the cars or the track aren't to blame - whatever the other excuses were !! Feel your way into it and if your are happy - go for it - but keep in mind you get 4 to 6 runs - first run or so have a good look and feel, we find it is better to work into it, than work on it (the car) And yes Karen and I both like the track now, but it is the same as all - time. Time to learn it, what time you want to do, etc etc 10/10ths normally ends in tears not trophy. Cheers Stuart
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