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  1. Hey guys I was in an accident the other day and need some panel work done to my car. Are there any panel beaters around that people would recommend who do good work for an alright price? Preferably around Vic Park but I don't mind too much. Cheers
  2. The improved production series looks good fun, but maybe a bit serious for what I'm looking at. I have never done any motorsport before, so I am looking at Superkhana's and Motorkana's to learn car control and 'how to drive' in a cheap low speed environment. Anymore information anyone could provide would be awesome. Thanks to all for their responses so far. Keep it coming!
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I read the motorsport post and it was really helpful. Still wanting some more info on the kinds of $$ people spend on budget racing. I'm trying to work out how much it will cost and do a budget to see how much I can afford to do. So the best thing I could do is to join a local club and get into it that way?
  4. Hahaha nah, just a stock white aw11. But yeah it is always near the bball courts, so almost spotted haha.
  5. So I want to get into some sort of motorsport, but like most people my age I don't have a lot of money to play around with. I have read the looking to get into motorsport thread and tried to search for more information but I still have a few questions if anyone can answer. From what I've read Motorkhana and Superkhana are the cheapest forms of racing, and Superkhana probably interests me most. I'm just curious about what type of licence I would need (if any), if the car I drive needs to meet any requirements to enter, and how much approximately I would be spending each year to participate regularly (10+ times a year). Any info people can provide would be brilliant. Cheers.
  6. This is fast becoming a Curtin spotted thread. No one ever spots my car though haha. Unlucky about the car mate. I've been parking at the oval carpark for over 2 years now and never had a problem (although it is a bitch of a walk).
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I will try to stop it from getting any bigger and ring around for a plastic welder.
  8. Hi all I have a crack (around 15cm) in my rear bumper, and I kinda want to fix it before it becomes more of a problem. Can't really afford a new bumper at the moment and was wondering if there was any way to fix it myself without it looking dodgy. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys Is there anywhere in Perth that I can buy Hyper Revs from? Or is Ebay/shops over east my best bet? Cheers
  10. A very long trip, and make the car a lot more expensive! Good luck with the sale mate.
  11. appreciate the input guys. helps an ignorant turd like me get some knowledge
  12. Big help people, cheers. I want to keep in fairly stock and only drive around 150kms a week (i work close to home), so I feel better about using it as a daily, especially as i dont have a heavy foot most of the time. this is good news, i freaking love r32's.
  13. Thanks for the info mate, that really helps. My current car does around 14l/100km's, give or take a few litres, so im no stranger to average fuel consumption. I wouldnt really mod the engine much, focus on brakes and suspension for the first little while.
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