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  1. Congrats for going after what you want but I can't help that think the hit you will be taking in interest and depreciation over the life of the loan will be more than enough to start you off with a decent investment whether it's property or another asset that would work for you. I'm all for enjoying your youth and I've wasted money on cars that I havent gotten back but nowhere near the amount we're talking about here. On topic: I've never driven an r35 but I can certainly relate to the guy saying going back to a slower (but still quick) and cheaper car can be a lot of fun. You dont have to worry about taking it out as much and can still have a bit of fun when you want to. Not caring too much about a car can be a good feeling and a big relief if like most of us you're always careful about where you park, where you take it, if someone damages it, etc...
  2. RENEW are hosting a trackday at Wakefield Park on 7/7/13 to mark 7s day and celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the RX7, 21st Anniversary of the FD3S and 10th Anniversary of the RX8. Although this is a rotary focused event all are welcome to participate. In addition to the usual timed sessions we'll be running passenger sessions (1 definitely, possibly more time permitting), 1/8 mile drags and a WAGS/partners session. Note: The 1/8th mile session will be upto an hour long depending on demand is untimed and may be subject to change. It's not the main focus of the event but will give you a chance to run against a mate and practice standing starts, particularly useful for track only cars looking to move away from sprints. The partners session is available only to club members and is intended to be a session to allow our partners a chance to have a steer for a few laps to say thanks for putting up with our time consuming and expensive hobby, without the major cost of having them enter a full event. There is no additional entry cost to take part if you are a RENEW club member or choose to join. Your partner will most likely need to hold a CAMS l2s or AASA club license or greater but I'll need to clarify that for anyone interested. The entry form is here and contains pricing information: http://rotaryenthusiasts.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/track-day-7s-day-entry-form.pdf Entry will cost between 200 and 250 depending on the options you choose. It's worth it to join the club if you might do multiple events with us. Sorry for the late heads up but we opened this to the rotary community first - you don't need a mazda or a rotary to enter and all are welcome. The field is over half full though so I suggest entering ASAP if you are interested in attending.
  3. I'm looking forward to the NBN, as has been said I'll save money and gain speed over an average ADSL / ADSL2 connection with line rental. One thing I'm not sure about is how the coalition plan will affect the reasonable amount of people who are unlucky enough to be on a RIM or are otherwise limited to having ADSL rather than ADSL2 due to additional services being tacked on without proper investment by the telcos.
  4. It's now speed off the streets so it's rock up on the day and pay wakefield park so there will definitely be space.
  5. Due to an underwhelming number of entries this event will now be run as a speed off the streets day by Wakefield Park. Entry cost is $150, rock up and pay on the day. Fire extinguishers are no longer mandatory as per other speed off the street events.
  6. Sorry to hear it. We're uner a week to go now, hope to see some nissan's there.
  7. Sorry for the late response, had some issues getting the form up on our site. I've attached it here for now. Entry cost is $250 for members, $290 for non members. Fire extinguisher is mandatory for all entrants. All welcome, even the wasteland's most prolific trolls WP_entry_form_9th_March_2013.pdf
  8. The Rotary Enthusists of NSW (RENEW) have some track days booked this year and would like to invite members of this forum to enter. The first event is at Wakefield Park on the 9th of March. Our days are run as a track day, not a supersprint, and focus on maximum track time and therefore the maximum opportunity to improve driving skills. All our trackdays have timing included in the entry fee and results go on Natsoft. We limit the entries to four speed groups with a maximum of 12 cars per group. This is not a free for all with oversubscribed entries and that means more clean laps and making the most of your track time. We always have a broad variety of cars at our events, not just rotaries, and the mood of the days are always relaxed and friendly. The speed groups are carefully monitored and regularly re-assessed throughout the day to keep it safe and enjoyable. There are a number of untimmed sessions in the day so drivers can take an instructor along with them to fine tune their driving. One of our members found a five second improvement after just one instructor session - and his case is not unusual. We always welcome people with interesting cars and the right attitude including first timers. We will have the link to the entry form up in a few days. Hope you can make it. **Title changed as no longer a Renew Track day - See further down for info from gregor** -
  9. Will post up again for our events next year or like the page to recieve updates that way too.
  10. The sticker doesnt mean the registration is current so I dont see how that is a major issue. And if someone is going to do a runner with stolen plates I wouldnt expect them to stop and hang around for you to check out their sticker and vin.
  11. Thanks to everyone that came out to the track yesterday. We had a bit of rain and blistering temps but the day went well especially for our first time on a new track. Was good to see the stag out there having a good time but would have liked to see a few skylines too. We'll be posting up pics on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/renewrotary If anyone took their own pics please feel free to share on the page or comment with the link.
  12. We will now accept entries on Friday or on the morning of the event but to do so you need to contact me (Chris) directly via phone or SMS on 0410313104 to arrange your payment and confirm a position.
  13. We're only 50% full for the upcoming trackday at Eastern Creek. What does that mean for you? Firstly HEAPS of quality track time - less cars means more clean laps and PBs. It also means you've still got time to send your entry in but act quick entries will close mid week (exact date TBC). As for another series I really enjoyed the SAU v RENEW events and we're open to sharing days with other clubs but have nothing planned around that as yet. Around the last events there was a lot of discussion on here about timed events vs running untimed with passengers all day amongst other things so thats something SAU NSW needs to discuss internally first if something like that were to happen again. If both clubs (and this isnt specific to RENEW) arent on the same page the result wont be what it could have been.
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