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  1. As per Eric's request I'll start another thread here about the EC event a bit later today when I'm on a break. Please hold any questions until then so we dont railroad this topic about the December 17th Wakefield Park day.
  2. Guys I sent that email. There is no intention of a lockout of SAU members - I have contacted every entrant from round 2 that included an email address and invited them to the changed round 3 at Eastern Creek. I'll be contacting the round 1 entrants shortly too, it's a time consuming process. The reasons for the change were outlined in the email, concern over the viability of the day given the proximity to christmas and cost of track hire. I've discussed the matter with Duncan prior to sending out the email, perhaps I could have waited longer before sending the email but then I'd be copping it for not providing enough notice - it's lose lose. The upshot of the situation is this: SAU members now have access to an additional day at Eastern Creek through an opportunity offered to RENEW. We don't touch the money or get anything out of this other than track time at a track that will be much harder to run in full next year. The times run by SAU and RENEW competitors will be used to calculate round 3 - so while we wll share the track with others it wont impact the standings. Also the December date this thread is about can be run in a format entirely up to SAU NSW without the championship in the background. RENEW will support this date and advertise it to it's members to support the SAU booking but just as normal entrants. Someone is always going to be annoyed by a change like this, it's unavoidable and for that you have my apologies. If you wish to take the matter up further you can email me chrisgATrenew.asn.au (edited to stop spammers), I'm not here to start arguments or spam up this thread.
  3. thanks heaps, I had the panspeed site but can't see an email address there?
  4. I'm trying to get in touch with Panspeed and Garage Revolution but I cant seem to find email addresses for either workshop and Garage Revolution dont even seem to have a site that shows up in google. Can anyone japanese based or with some japanese skills see if they can point me in the right direction? I think email in english is a better option than to hope whoever answers an international call might speak reasonable english. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. When we drew your name Eric we thought it was fantastic, nothing like a bit of good news.
  6. Fsport are currently having a mid year sale with significant discounts on a range of tyres, just in time for entrants thinking about making the step up to semis or replacing the ones they already have!
  7. As many of you are aware Kumho through their NSW distributor Fsport have generously provided sponsorship for this years lap battle championship. They are offering 3 forms of support: 1. A $1000 voucher towards the purchase of 4 motorsport tyres for the eventual winner of each class of the championship (3 vouchers total). 2. Three $500 vouchers - 1 per class - towards the purchase of 4 motorsport tyres awarded per event, drawn at random from the financial members of RENEW and SAU NSW. You don't need to have the fastest car to win this prize, you just need to support your club through membership and attending events. If you intend on entering multiple events it's cheaper in the long run to become a member too (9 vouchers total). 3. A discount to any competitor purchasing new motorsport tyres through Fsport. Simply mention that you are a competitor in the Kumho lap battle championship when you speak to John. The winners for the $500 vouchers for rounds 1 and 2 are Round 1: Eric Yamashita – Street Ben Martin – Open Trent Kennedy – Club Round 2: Mike Bennett – Street Dale Green – Open Mark Robinson – Club Congratulations to the winners, your contact details have been passed on to Fsport. To be in the running make sure you enter for the third event in December. If you're looking for new motorsport tyres or just some advice on moving onto R compound rubber check out www.fsport.com.au or give John a call on 1300 4 KUMHO. Fsport also stocks the range of velo seats and a variety of track related accessories. Vouchers are valid for 12 months and are for a discount on the purchase of 4 Kumho motorsport tyres from Fsport. Vouchers may be non transferrable and subject to other terms and conditions at the provider's discretion, please contact john @ fsport.com.au (remove the spaces) for further details. The per event prize can't be won more than once by the same person regardless of class entered. The prize for the championship class winners has been revised but the sponsors overall commitment has increased. Anyone with issues surrounding this matter should PM me to discuss it.
  8. With a BA XR6T just do your reading on how much power the 4 speed can take, its been a while since ive been on the xr6turbo forums but i think its mid 300s. I still want to get my bf2 retuned with a few minor mods - for around 2-3k you are looking at a safe 300 rwkw. 300rwkw daily/tow car ftw.
  9. Well its a daily driver with suprisingly few mods. As for engineering certs - who cares? Theres nothing there that couldnt be passed. Pretty sure you could count on one hand the cars there that could pass an emissions test to be truly legal as they raced yesterday.
  10. 2nd quickest outright (rx7) is a true street car with semis bolted on. It was trailered but that was just in case
  11. Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a good day once the fog lifted. There will be an announcement in the next few days about prizes courtesy of Kumho and Fsport. If you are in the market for new motorsport tyres don't forget to support the guys that support grass roots motorsport. If anyone has pics feel free to upload them to the RENEW facebook page www.facebook.com/renewrotary . I'll be adding some pics later this afternoon, there should be a mix of cars. I guess it depends what caught my brothers eye at the time. Oh and to stir the pot a little bit - Rhys was .24 off the quickest time in his street registered, full interior FD so that's a massive effort to be so close to the s15.
  12. You should email or call Don as that affects speed group allocation. His number should be on the emails you got about entry and email is on the entry form. I'll follow up with him when I see him later too.
  13. do you have a CAMS or AASA license? My understanding is for a CAMS license you need to present it with a membership card, AASA no. If you are buying one on the day it'll be AASA.
  14. Sorry to hear it but at least its not a total loss. Definitely get a mechanics report and see if insurance will fix any engine or drivetrain damage.
  15. Theres a few more quick rotors entered for this one
  16. I dont think our approaches are too different but perhaps i wasnt as clear as I intended. When I go to the track I usually stay at goulburn the night before and if possible trailer my car - as a result the tyres are cold or at least cool by the time the first session rolls around. If you run pressures in the mid 30s cold for normal use then you can expect them to shoot up more so than when street driving when you hit the track. 10 psi was probably an over statement but taking off 5 psi cold would help get you towards the 41-42 psi hot target you mentioned. With normal street pressures (36 in my xr6t) i found the car was very slippery and that the pressures had gone up alot. So for the guy who asked - keep an eye on your pressures after each session and adjust if you think its needed.
  17. On road rubber i'd say let the pressures down 5-10 psi depending how hard you run them because on the track they will heat up fast and pressures will shoot up. Check them straight away after your first session and adjust as needed. Oh and dont use your handbrake when you get into the pits after a session. It's hard fighting the habit though.
  18. +1 for xr6t or hsv, maybe even monaro. It really depends what you want out of them but for a cruiser with grunt they fit the bill perfectly. And you'd be getting one with new car warranty still if you spend 25-30k and shop around. OP with your luck id be making sure you take the hire car option with your insurance company.
  19. It might help to an extent but most of the time the throttle is barely being used. I really dont think it would be on boost too often but i dont have a guage to confirm it. My point was more about the car feeling pretty stable and doing it well anyway, so the falcon is definitely an option.
  20. I've towed an FC rx7 with my BF xr6 turbo once, and ill be doing it again soon. Did it easily and felt solid on the road, very happy with it. The NA should be just as capable i wasnt giving it much so the extra power and torque would have been minimal.
  21. I'll pass on that feedback and get it reviewed. You are correct on the rounds - S1 & S2 = Round 1, S3 & 4 = round 2, S5 & 6 = round 3. mlr: what's your surname? Im trying to find you in the results on natsoft to figure out what happened. Where did you see the 1:14?
  22. Guys, here is an easier to read version of the results: Also a slight error in the club clas was found and fixed in this version.
  23. Only suggestion to what terry said would be to do a revs check before handing over any payment.
  24. What qualifying session are you talking about? Unless your car died in the driver familiarisation session- the very first one for new people. Every timed session was part of a round. I dont think rules are intended to read as other manufacturers arent eligible to compete as individuals so that might need to be clarified. a20089: ill see if i can get the spreadsheet the results came from and check it out. mbs206: not sure why 3 rounds per day is funny? It was designed to reward consistent performance as i said in the other thread. You can't just rock up and punch out 1 session and sit on top of the days standings so reliability and participation are important too. Personally I think it will make things closer and more interesting for the series.
  25. It's all in the regulations page 2 and 3. Basically there are 3 rounds per day - 2 x 15 minute sessions make up a round. Your fastest lap for the round determines the points you get for the round. Points are awarded up to the 10th fastest time in each round. The system is set up to reward consistently quick performance, go too hard set a cracker of a time and bin it or break it and you wont do well, likewise you can't be particularly slow but super consistent if you want to be up the pointy end of the field. So if you went out for 3 warm up laps and broke the car and your best time wasnt one of the fastest 10 for that round then 0 points makes sense. Edit: If theres an issue there let me know and I'll look into it for you.
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