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  1. For Sale: R32/33 GTR Apexi Power FC with EL colour hand controller like new in box with all reciepts and numbers. $1000 o.n.o SMS 0425878255 or PM
  2. R32/33 GTR Apexi Power FC with EL colour hand controller like new in box with all reciepts and numbers. $1000 o.n.o
  3. $16,500 Willing to accept stupid offers (Dont be silly though) wont be offended, no work = cant pay repayments. Mods: 1000km ago car underwent major service replaced all oils and fluids, engine, diffs, brakes, trans, coolant with motul fluids, all done at Japanese Motorsport. Car is ready to go for new owner. 240rwkw running on almost stock boost. Tuner advised easy 300rwkw with bigger injectors. Engine: - Forged Engine - R34 GTR N1 Turbos - N1 Oil Pump - Nismo Fuel Pump - Nismo thermostat - Pod Filters - Tomei adjustable cam gears - HKS 3" front/dumps into custom 4" exhaust Exterior: - Spoiler removed and holes welded - Black 17 Enkei RP01 Wheels and new 235 tires Interior: - R34 GTR Vspec Seats, mint. - Sparco suede steering wheel - Pioneer headunit - Soundstream 6" front speakers and 6x9" rear Have brand new Greddy oil catch can and Apexi Power FC and EL hand controller ready to install worth $1500 alone. Can provide more detailed pictures if required, no test pilots, welcome for me to take you for a test drive if serious.
  4. Not sure man, guess they are trying to get rid of stock they have, i just know from my experience witht he mechanical side of things they were really friendly and Tyson knew his stuff and looked after me but other than that if your looking for some coilovers my cousin is selling some adjustable teins like new with the damper controller and all that if its for a R34, fair sure he didnt sell them with the car
  5. They are a parts shop, were you looking for coilovers lol? Did you tell them what spring rates you wanted?
  6. Hey guys this doesnt really fit in any fo the sections, for sale or wanted to buy so i thought id post it here. I have a set of Enkei RP01's 17x9 with 95% tread left all round tires are 235 all round. They are on my 32 GTR at the moment, read somewhere they are getting hard to find (someone can confirm if they are common or not just going by what i have read) looking to straight swap them possibly + cash your way if someone has some 18s they are willing to trade? Rims are good condition, have been powdercoated black, ill put a pick up of what they look like but if anyone is interested they are welcome to come and see them or send pics on with them on car. Reason i want to swap is i simply do not like them, not my thing, dont have money to buy new rims. Let me know guys Cheers
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