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  1. Hey all Just looking for a navi unit if any one has on for sale? Thanks Josh
  2. Hey all So i got a problem. My navi unit have shit itself and dosnt work properly and now it keeps the screen on all the time even with the engine off and keys out. I disconnected it from the back but then it automatically turns the air con on. Just looking for a way to turn it off and by pass the air con. Ive tried taking out the air con fuses aswell as the navi unit. Any help would be great
  3. Looking for a c34 stagea navi unit if anyone has one plus heater coil
  4. Hey everyone Just looking for a navi unit if you have one for sa, would like a pick up in sa but if not ill sort out postage. Cheers Josh
  5. Hey everyone just looking for a navi unit as mine has shat itself. Let me know if ya do. Cheers Josh
  6. Where are you located, my has desided to die on me.
  7. So instead of putting the F piece back on the bypassed the solenoid and just put the intercooler hose straight to the turbo and they had the boost sensor and another hose mixed up for what i found with a vacum diagram i found for a neo.
  8. I intend on getting a tune soon, i have platnuim plugs in at the moment. I went through the whole system a few months back to check for leaks and i couldnt find any i changed all the clamps aswell. Ill take the boost off and see if that changes it. I did have an adverage mechanic fit a check it awhile ago but they screwed around with my turbo hoses and now half them arnt even hooked up.
  9. I have stock turbo, 3inch cat back, stock injectors, fmic and a bleed set at 10, sparks were change a few months ago and were gapped a .8 instead of .11 to try and fix the issue.
  10. Hey all Still having problems, i have a intermitent misfire problem, it was kicking into limp mode every now and then. So try and fix it i changed the coilpacks, coilpack loom and the afm, only other thought is injectors? Could that be causing it? Any help would be great
  11. Hey everyone So my series 2 rs-v is being shit again, lately it has been put itself into limp mode after a coil pack stutter but after a few seconds stops and then drives fine but keeps the warning lights up on the dash. I have had the coil packs replaced in january with super sparks and just had my plugs gapped to .8 and still has the same problem, i took it to nissan to see what fault code it would throw out and it said it was an ignigtion problem. Its just hard to pin point. Any help would be great.
  12. Hey Kris I have a days kit ill swap you my front bar is alittle rough but still good i can send pics if you are keen
  13. Yeah i am pretty sure they did there was a wait to get my car back cos of it.
  14. Na i have had them all replaced recently, it sounds more mechanical if that makes sense. I was told my turbo is in pretty good condition aswell its running high on the psi but dosen't boost cut and it really only happens when it has gotten warmed up or its a hot day.
  15. RS-V AREO

    Turbo Grind?

    Hey all Just wondering lately if i am on full boost it makes this weird grinding sound kinda like a screamer pipe Any help would be great
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