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  1. Those shims between brake pad n caliper piston can get from nissan and kudos motorsport also get one on top the curvey one on all four wheels. I had same problem changed calipers, pads, rotors n was squeeling. Got my hands on this lubricant amd put it on the shim where it touches the brake piston the squeel went away for good. i used the small one then stocked up and got the big one off ebay
  2. Mate mind msg or calling me bout the bar 0431405012 cheers
  3. hi everyone, im after a wheel or set of two wheels the starcorp impul 19X8.5 +38. if anyone has anything laying around please let me know i need them. they are like shadow/silver spokes n machined lip. to suit r33 gtst thanks
  4. umm check the o2 oxygen sensor. my car was running rich and after i changed the o2 sensor it helped alot, still i think i gotta get it tuned air/fuel ratio!
  5. i have similar problem on me r33 gtst. ive changed the caliper, put in slotted disc and changed pads as well as i put on coilovers so everything is changed on that side. it still makes screatching noise from the right wheel when brake hard and keeps making the noise when applying brakes later. but not as much it did earlier. mechanic didnt know what to do.
  6. ive got 19" 5 spoke 235/35 front and deep dished 265/35 rears rims with BC coilovers handles beautiful. will be looking in adding sway bars not sure yet what size but something normal nothing too extreme.
  7. hello again! i swapped the o2 sensor over the weekend as well as the full service was done on the car. took it yesterday for easy drive around, i used almost half of the fuel tank and done 190 kms which is much more than what i did before this! only cost me $109 for the NGK o2 sensor from Autobarn!!! Thanks for the help gentlemen!!! cheers
  8. hey guys, i got fuel economy problems as well. i do about 200 km a tank normal driving. i bought the o2 sensor, now when i change it, do i have to reset the computer and if so how can i do it? thanks,
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