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  1. i'll sell the whole lot together except (cooler and suspension)for $2250 posted
  2. pic of dash etc ... wheels before being washed and having tyres fitted... Also got an airbag boss kit suit r33, s13/14, pulsar etc - $100
  3. yeh i'll get some up soon, wheels are at tyre place, (just had tyres fitted) pick them up monday,
  4. Putting a thread together with evrything i have left... 4x60mm Electronic, Peak/Warning White/Green Greddy Gauges, Fuel Press, EXT Temp, Oil Temp, Water Temp... Brand new, come with everthing $250ea or together $900... Genuine 18" GMAX Enigma wheels/Tyres (75-80% tread) 265 front, 275 rear, Just been painted in H.O.K Silver, Suit skyline etc... $1250 ono (might have to get new wheels nuts) Standard GTR Dash Cluster (100,000kms) & Centre Gauges, Really Good condition... $250 ono for both 20-25mm Bolt on spacers, suit skyline... $100 ono Momo Trek-R Wheel (Black) Brand New in Box - $250 Standard GTR cooler $250 Standard GTR Vspec Suspension - $250 Just drop me a PM if Your keen and i'll get back to you... Cheers
  5. bump... needs to go, any reasonable offers will be accepted
  6. Car will be back in a little under 2 weeks...
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