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  1. all gotta go... offers offers offers???
  2. i'll sell the whole lot together except (cooler and suspension)for $2250 posted
  3. Fairly flexible with pricing.. Moving interstate, has to go!
  4. pic of dash etc ... wheels before being washed and having tyres fitted... Also got an airbag boss kit suit r33, s13/14, pulsar etc - $100
  5. yeh i'll get some up soon, wheels are at tyre place, (just had tyres fitted) pick them up monday,
  6. Putting a thread together with evrything i have left... 4x60mm Electronic, Peak/Warning White/Green Greddy Gauges, Fuel Press, EXT Temp, Oil Temp, Water Temp... Brand new, come with everthing $250ea or together $900... Genuine 18" GMAX Enigma wheels/Tyres (75-80% tread) 265 front, 275 rear, Just been painted in H.O.K Silver, Suit skyline etc... $1250 ono (might have to get new wheels nuts) Standard GTR Dash Cluster (100,000kms) & Centre Gauges, Really Good condition... $250 ono for both 20-25mm Bolt on spacers, suit skyline... $100 ono Momo Trek-R Wheel (Black) Brand New in Box - $250 Standard GTR cooler $250 Standard GTR Vspec Suspension - $250 Just drop me a PM if Your keen and i'll get back to you... Cheers
  7. x Sayonara x

    bump... needs to go, any reasonable offers will be accepted
  8. maybe if i knew how... not real worried tho
  9. Bump! $1000 bux +Freight
  10. bump!! any offers?? you might get a bargain
  11. x Sayonara x

    Car will be back in a little under 2 weeks...
  12. haha thanks mate... yeh i know ther pretty cheap
  13. x Sayonara x

    north west vic mate...
  14. no worries buddy, should look sweet