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  1. I drove my car today for the first time since... May? March? Something like that. I cannot hear my exhaust. Opening or closing the Varex is a "Is this.. open or closed? I cannot tell" kind of deal. So at least you can enjoy your exhaust and not.. a myriad of other sounds I am yet to figure out how to resolve. Maybe the Commo design is good for something after all!
  2. I think a regular 180/200 treadwear tyre is sufficient for a 330i. You can drive it around town or in Nasho without feeling you are wasting the tyres either. Hankook RS4, 4 for the price of 3 atm. Do it. /thread
  3. How much would the BMW have cost you if it did what the R33 did? (Sorry for BMW bashing)
  4. I'm sorry, Robert Kubica drove the car on these tyres, and I'll have you find that a regular track day user is significantly better than Kubica. /s
  5. Combine the two! Everyone seems to pay big dollars for shitty cars their parents wanted when they were growing up. This is the cycle of life. The GTR is significantly bettererer than any GT-ho, and equally as good a use of the dollars. not a good use, mind you
  6. GTSBoy, remember a R34 NA has a S15 rear end and an open diff. The R34 GTT stuff is not plug and play with R33 gear. Of any kind. Even R34 turbo to R33 Turbo. Different ABS, wheel speed sensors, stub axles etc. It'll probably bolt together, but there's stuff that won't work (ABS, TC). You can make a R34 non turbo rear end and a S15 helical work though, as those are the same thing.
  7. I appreciate that! Of course, while I can't see any rust that I'm aware of... you never know.... whats lurking.... [ominous music]
  8. Yep. BRZ if you want to placate Subaru people. There's a reason there's 7.7 million of them per square km.
  9. I legitimately had a nightmare last night about rust in my car due to this thread. Thanks.
  10. This. Even when stock engines fail, I can't recall a single post in the last 10+ years here of "A rod let go" "A piston melted"
  11. New Supra is overdelivering on what it says on the box. Go get some tyres and a tune, go run a 10? Cheaper than what it'd cost to do that in a Skyline...... or an old Supra ?
  12. You'll find that with a RB at 2.5L, better on paper doesn't necessarily mean faster car on planet earth. The 3076 (or something 3076 sized, G series probably better) with proper support and proper manifold and gate is pretty much the sweet spot. Should feel really good!
  13. While I tend to agree - The reason we like Corvettes is why Americans like Skylines... they don't have them. I think a C6 Z06 with a 7 liter V8 and a manual is pretty peak car. But over there they're 'common', and a boosty boi R34 is more rare and appealing as a result.
  14. Probably a good idea to read the laws before embarking on any kind of engine swap. I did it out of curiosity and it states that Mod plates for engine mods are not approved for P plate vehicles. Buy 86. Enjoy life. Come back to a Turbo car later if need be. (probably won't need be)
  15. What state are you in that allows an engine conversion but not a Turbo? Swapping a NA motor in is just as illegal as having a turbo, and 500 times more work. Be a smart P plater, and buy an 86. You could have a nice daily/street car, and a turbo car for the track with your [engine of choice] if you're really super keen.
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