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  1. $3199 Inc gst plus freight- Brand new!! Part# 32010-AA520 Eta late October/Early November Currently taking deposits Brand new Nissan Skyline Rb25DET 5 speed manual transmission. With tax invoice. Suits R33-R34. (R33 will req modification to fit, speak to your installer first before buying please) Nissan Dealer genuine part Contact Matthew M 0488330175. (I do not monitor my inbox often on here, if you can text or call me on my mobile you’ll get a quicker response) Dealer located in Glen Waverley postcode 3150
  2. Willing to split? Wanting 2 rear tyres 235/45/17. Where you located in melbourne?
  3. Taped up the coils. Taping them up doesn't last long... Got really good tape and taped them up like no tomorrow... The heat lifts up the tape but now i know it's the coils!! When i get my sound system sorted going to get some splitfire coil packs off the net for 610 inc post. The taping has made them better and I have taken off the cover to let them cool quite a lot more. Does ping and pop, lets just hope my turbo doesn't go soon beacuse it doesn't sound healthy!!
  4. I just bought my Skyline r33 gtst series 1 from the dealership. Car has boost controller gauges etc and a bit of work done 3 inch from turbo back etc. When it hits 4500-5500 rpm it starts to backfire like a machine gun. Only happens when i lead foot it. Happens no matter what speed I am doing. If i'm light on the foot it's ok but is driving my insane. I put new spark plugs (95 dollars) and yet to tape the coils. What tape should I use? And where should I buy it from? If this fixes the problem (Tape) thinking of getting the splitfire coils off ebay. That suggested? Cheers EDIT** How long does the tape last for? ALSO does anyone live in Berwick that i can use thier coils so I can diagnose to see if it's my coils? I don't want to blow 600 bucks on coils i don't need. I will provide 6 pack of whatever beverage you like 0425630702
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