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  1. I contacted Andrew at Kudos and he confirmed these are just good quality reproductions. I guess the question then is, can a difference be seen between a genuine and a reproduction? I might have to purchase one of the reproductions and then compare it with a genuine blank that I have.
  2. I've noticed recently a whole bunch of the famous Nismo metal key blanks appearing on eBay and also on the Kudos website... http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/blank-nismo-style-nissan-a31c33r32r33rnn14s13s14wc34z31z32-p-2400.html These keys in years past used to sell for several hundred dollars USD, but are going for $70-80 now 🤔 Does anyone know if these are genuine? Good reproductions? Old stock that someone has discovered? Or has Nismo has started making them again? Hoping someone might know Cheers
  3. Only looking at interior parts like dash clusters and brakes etc. I've got a very underpowered 2.0L non turbo Impreza so there's not much I can be doing to the engine anyway.
  4. I'm after Impreza info, and to some degree Forester info as well, as I've discovered I can source parts from a Forester to use on my Impreza. I've posted to a few forums, but haven't received any replies. That's fine I'm not after instant replies, but it's been a week so and thus I figured maybe I'm posting on a dead forum. The info I'm chasing is in relation to dash clusters and also brakes/calipers/discs/drums etc.
  5. Subaru Forums like here? Hey there. For those of you who own Subarus as well as your Nissans, where is a good forum on par with SAU, to ask questions and gain info?
  6. I had the rear tyres replaced today. My rear rotors look to need machining. Is it worth trying to use the old pads? They are about half used, or just chuck them and start fresh with the machined rotors? I won't go hungry if you guys say yes, but it just means more money I cannot spend on the respray and then nistune/turbo replacements.
  7. Bro you helped me install the QFMs when I bought your KYBs and Hardrace castor rods a couple of years ago. Yes it's just a daily driver. The QFMs still suck. Yes I could just go ahead and replace them, but want to get my moneys worth out of these QFMs unless there is a market for second hand ones. I can't comprehand just how bad they are. The car stops on a dime, but I pay for it in squeel and dust. And that's why I picked QFM in the first place after reading reviews on dust from other brands. How much did you pay for Remsas? I just recently bought some Protex I think it was pads and discs from Bursons for a family members Pulsar. No shims, no grease nothing. Just used a metal brush and cleaned the hub and installed them. Silent! Pads were only $39 for set. If I go machine the rotors then maybe I should just get a new set of pads I don't know. But then I fear doing all this and they still squeel. That would suck.
  8. It's been a year or probably even longer since I put on QFM brakepads. I did not get the rotors machined as everyone I've showed them to, said they were fine and did not need it. The problem since going onto QFMs has been the dust AND the noise. They squeel so much. I've taken the pads off and re-applied that special blue brakepad grease stuff at least 3 times now. It fixes things for a few days, then it goes back to total crapness. What have I done wrong? I just replaced the rotors and brakepads on a family members Pulsar. No shims, no grease, nothing. And the car is silent as can be. It was just the cheapest pads and rotors they had at Bursons. Should I have machined the rotors? Should I go get them done anyway since there is a local place that will do them for $15 each if I take them off the car and drop them in. My previous pads were Nissan Hitachis and were silent with nowhere near as much brake dust. Am annoyed I've not been able to solve this
  9. Hi Robo. I'm attempting to help the painter by doing some of this sort of work myself to bring the labour costs down. Since the door is red and my car is silver, he wants to paint all the insides of the door and around the edges before it's fitted to the car, where it will be blended and all of that. I think I will take the glass out. I still have the damaged door too which is currently on the car and it's glass is fine so I might use that one instead. I just wanted to know what to do, so that when I drop it off he can do whatever painting to it he needs and I don't have to worry about what I should or could have done before hands. Thanks for the explanation Robo
  10. I've got a used door to replace the one I put a massive crease in. Seeing as how there are dings and things all over the car, it's going to be an expensive operation to get it all sorted and pretty much just a full respray. I have a used door (maroon/red colour) that still has the window in it. My car is silver by the way. What should I do before it's painted. Should I take out the glass and everything? The painter would like the door itself first to paint on the insides etc., then will fit it to the car and do the outside, blending and respraying etc. Is taking out the glass and whatever is in the door difficult?
  11. Maybe it's speed. Quicker to fill it up to a lower pressure and thus time is money sort of thing? I have no idea why they under inflate either, but I've always known they have for some reason. These tyres were used when I got them, so not too sure it was all me with the higher pressure, but I think for this next set I'll go lower. Instead of 40 maybe start at 36/37 and see how that goes. I like them high, but don't want to wreck the tyres.
  12. I'm going to keep the best RE050A and use it in the garden haha
  13. One of my current Bridgestones is showing wear in the middle of the tyre so maybe I've had it pumped up too much. I normally go 41PSI as I found out you'd lose 1PSI when disconnecting the hose. So was running in effect 40PSI in the rears, but now think due to that wear patch maybe it was too high. I do like them firm though.
  14. I've always been a person who likes to have their tyres at the right PSI. However I never actually know what is the "right" PSI. Looking at the tyres gives you a MAX pressure number. This can vary from brand to brand and sizes. However most tyre places seem to under inflate the tyres in my view. Like putting in 26PSI when the max is 44PSI. I never go the max, but I would go maybe 38 to 40. Am I really supposed to go on the PSI listed inside the door, even though I don't have the same rims or tyres that came with the car? I occurred to me that maybe all these years I've been putting in too much air. Now that I got some new tyres, I think I need to fess up and say, I'm just confused now if I've ever been doing things right.
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