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  1. The one on carsales mate, Sorry have been busy with work. Current price is $17,990 ONO. Cheers.
  2. Nissan Skyline R33 Gtst Series 2 - 360rwkw https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-1998/SSE-AD-4796564 Some of you might recognize this car, old plates were 'GR33DD' Regretful sale, but i don't drive it as much as i would like to these days. Time for the next owner to take her home and enjoy it. Last production of the 1998 R33 GTST Series 2 . I am the 2nd Australian owner and it has been flawless for the past 5 years I've owned it. With majority of the hard work already been done by the previous owner and myself, The car talks for itself. Jump in and enjoy it. Well looked after, Very fun car to drive, Handles great, Stops great, very responsive for the street & sounds tough with plenty of power to back it up! Can be driven daily nice and quiet with the exhaust closed or open for a race day with a push of a button by the Varex muffler. Big money spent on quality parts. It has been driven mainly on weekends only as i have a company truck to drive around in during the week. Paint/Body is in good condition and is washed and waxed regularly. Rust free body. Mechanically always serviced on time by myself & my dad every 5000kms. Always Garaged. Modifications include: Resprayed in Nismo 400r Super Clear Red II (Paint code AR1) Suspension & bushes replaced with Bilstein shocks & springs/Whiteline rear subframe kit & bushes (Adjustable ride height) Aftermarket rear camber arms Aftermarket front camber arms HICAS Lock bar R33 GT-R Series 3 Red stitched Full interior (Door cards, front seats, rear seats, etc) Upgraded Dash lights pure white & blue LED Hybrid frontmount intercooler Haltech Platinum Pro ECU Haltech 3 bar map sensor Haltech o2 wideband sensor kit Garrett GTX3076R T3 .83 twin scroll turbo Turbosmart 50mm External Wastegate 6boost twin scroll manifold T3 ARP head studs Upgraded valve springs Camtech Camshafts 272/272 in&ex 9mm lift Greddy exhaust cam gear HKS 3" exhaust straight through to Varex Muffler 3.5" out (Quiet or Loud with switch in cabin) Greddy ProfecB II boost controller Shadowpro mechanical boost guage Walbro 460LPH E85 Fuel pump Raceworks top feed fuel rail Raceworks 2200cc top feed injectors Genuine SARD Fuel pressure reg Splitfire Coilpacks 4" steel intake pipe K&N Pod filter Plazmaman forward facing plenum OS GIKEN TS2CD Twin plate clutch (installed 1,500kms ago) Nismo 1.5 way mechanical differential installed/serviced by Unigroup Engineering Aftermarket Brake Stopper RDA 324mm GTR front slotted & dimpled rotors with URAS Adapter kit DBA Rear slotted rotors Desmond Regamaster EVO 17x9 +18 square Federal 595 RS-RR Semi slick tyres Custom Oil Catch can/Washer bottle Custom Coolant Catch can 42mm Fenix alloy radiator PSI Parts Carbon Fibre Air Guide Sony CD/bluetooth/usb head deck with 4 channel amp. 15% window tints Nismo front strut brace ALL intake, turbo & exhaust gaskets have been replaced. R33 Sedan fog lights (Original Series 2 fog lights will come with the car too) Aircon has been regased this year, you will be frozen in 2 minutes. Might be a few other things i've missed, feel free to ask questions. The car will come with 2x Keys. Compression test was done September 2016 with good results of 150 - 160 across all 6 Cylinders. New turbo setup was done at this time. Tuned by Jez @ DVS Tuning making 360.2rwkw @ 25psi high boost, 336rwkw @ 19psi low boost. Dyno sheet provided. The car runs on UNITED E85 FUEL ONLY. Can be tuned to go flex fuel if you wish with a flex sensor. Cons about the car: - Couple of scratches around the body as you would expect for a 20 year old car, but nothing too noticeable. - Minor oil leak behind the head coming from the half moons. Will need replacing. - Front tyres will need replacing soon NO low ballers NO swaps or joy rides. Deposit must be taken before test driving the car. Price is Negotiable, Reasonable offers considered. Price can be adjusted lower if you do not want the wheels and want to bring your own. More pictures & videos of the car can be found on my instagram account @98gtst
  3. [SYD] FS: Genuine Z32 AFM w/plug and Apexi pod filter As title says... Used Z32 AFM with plug and Apexi pod filter. Good conditon. $100 firm Pickup in Liverpool. Sydney
  4. Thanks guys for all the info! ... Has anyone had any experience controlling boost through a Haltech platinum pro ecu? Is boost more responsive & steady this way instead of using a EBC? I'm reading on other forums that haltech's inbuilt boost control is somewhat not accurate or tends to spike/overboost...
  5. Thanks for that mate, So does this mean i am using that 3 bar map sensor with my Profec B II & ECU?
  6. Wow that look's great. Right i knew this was the right way to go when i got the work done. So correct me if i'm wrong, If im using a EBC such as the profecB II. What is the use of the 3 bar map sensor i purchased with the Haltech ECU? Is it only used if i run the boost through the haltech?
  7. Thanks for your input guys. Another question for you........... Closed loop vs open loop boost control Since i use a haltech platinum pro ECU, is it better to control the boost pressure going through this ECU instead of using a EBC? Currently running off a Greddy ProfecB Spec II, which in my opinion doesn't feel like it is setup properly. What is better? Cheers.
  8. Your opinion, more boost or not? RB25DET GTX3076R G'day guys, I'm after your opinion or anyone that has a similar setup to my car. Car is a 1998 R33 GTS25T Current mods Stock bottom RB25det, compression 150 - 160 across all 6. Stock head gasket ARP head studs upgraded valve springs camtech 272 9mm cams Haltech plat pro wideband kit 3 bar map sensor 6boost t3 twin scroll manifold garrett gtx3076r .83 twin scroll, 50mm external gate Walbro 460 e85 intank fuel pump Currently making 336rwkw @ 19psi low boost 360rwkw @ 25psi high boost United E85 fuel Before i go and speak to my tuner i wanted to ask you guys.... Has anyone thrown in more boost with a similar setup? Should i leave it where it is? looking at turning it up to 28-29psi to hopefully crack 400rwkw or close to. Cheers.
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