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  1. Mate, shoot me the business name of this cretin so I can be certain I won't do any business with him, and can advise mates likewise. He owes a replacement or refund. No question. You can also lodge a complaint with fair trading in Vic, and possibly even NSW. If he runs a business he has to follow the law. This would probably even fall under the trade Practices Act for misleading a customer if he has lied at all, like saying you aren't entitled to a refund or replacement, and possibly even shown a pic of the item in good nick and then sending on as damaged. Keep on his back, and claim any extra costs as well if it comes to it. I've just had a major win over my insurance company in ACT for a rental house I have there. Storm damaged roof - hail 18 months before my current claim and they fixed it and said they would have the entire tile roof checked to ensure it was fine. Then wind storm lifted ridge cap in the current claim and they said it was due to poor maintenance. They then lied that they had a report from the roofer that said the roof was in perfect condition after the hail repair. It was BS of course as my tenant, a contract painter said the only attention they paid was to the hail damaged areas and they left, no detailed checks. I demanded the document and any others relating to that repair under Right to Information (FOI) and advised that I would have the mortar tested at a NATA test facility as the house is only 13 years old, not the 25 they alleged. I had the house built btw. So after screwing around for many months now and failing to produce the report they have folded and asked for the repair invoice to pay me. Of course they said another builder inspected the roof who said it could be due to previous hail damage, not poor maintenance so they have to cover it. I don't care that they have to pretend someone else screwed up, as long as they meet their obligation. BTW, Tiles are shit roofing material. Colorbond all the way. Stinkin' southern builders have quoted 20K extra to do colorbond on one house I built so they didn't have to do it, yet up here in Gods country tiles cost more. Go figure that out. Stay on his ass brother.
  2. I always recommend MoTeC training. http://www.motec.com.au/seminars/datesAU/ All the best.
  3. Go to Nissan for the head gasket (or Spoolup used to have a good aftermarket brand), exhaust, rubber seals for cam covers, and any others you want, for the front and rear main/cam/crank seals Repco will do (they are all the same, 25/26/30 except rear main) and for all the rest I use Permatex blue or grey. Oil pump, water pump, sump (grey), oil filter, throttle bodies etc are all fine with permatex. Throttle bodies use an ultra thin film, as thin as, but thick enough you can still see through it a bit. Turbo seals, I go to GCG turbos, as Nissan are stupid expensive. Oil pump, I like to mic it up to ensure clearances are good, blue permatex seal the back plate and loctite the screws down to ensure they don't come loose and drop oil pressure. I don't like the paper seals and find that I have much better results with silicon gasket products. Congrats on choosing a hybrid. They rock. I love my 26/30 in my R33 GTSt race car.
  4. Best of luck for the day. Pity they chose the Premiers Flood Appeal. The Cow has made it means tested for max $45K income, so those who earn more than that will not receive help. There should be no discrimination when helping people in need. Meanwhile, this money will sit there earning interest that this corrupt labour govt will use to underwrite their bottom line. Blighs' corruption knows no bounds. Personally I'd prefer the Red Shield Appeal. The Salvos do so much good.
  5. Is there any polite way to remind someone just what agricultural crap Aussie built cars are? And how inappropriate they are to mention in a Supercar thread? Despite what the Mythbusters might think, you can't polish a turd. My link to my photos from the Supercar Club QR Trackday. Enjoy. http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a300/GTR...?albumview=grid
  6. James, there is one question I'm sure everyone wants an answer for. What time? BTW I saw the Supercar Club Steve Johnson Falcon GT there yesterday on its trailer. No time for a piccy but it looked very nice.
  7. Hock your bike, sell your girlfriend or teenage niece into slavery or even sell all those parts you were planning to fit to your car. The niece will only be a pain later anyway. Just getting to see so many exotics in one place is a rush. Seeing and hearing them on the rivet at a track gives you that warm tingly feeling all over, no matter how cool you try to play it. Knowing that a chance to get behind the wheel is within reach of your hip pocket - priceless. We all know the love of Skyline, and there is no denying the giant killing ability of a GTR but the sensation of sliding reverently into an honest to goodness mega-buck Supercar sticks in the memory like your first time in bed with a gorgeous sex goddess. Sure, you will be addicted but when the crew are all rattling off stats and dollar values at the next coffee break you can smile quietly and simply know why they cost as much as they do. See you all tomorrow. I'll be the idiot with the grin.
  8. I can't agree enough with Steve, if you can get the time to get out there and spend a few bucks you will discover just why they are Supercars. James is a top guy and a great mate of mine as well, so it's worth it just to get out there for a chat. James, depending on how I'm doing mate I'll be out there, and if I'm feeling alright I'll get the credit card out and have one last set of laps before I go in for my pain management/neural stimulator implant surgery. I'd love to get behind the wheel but I think that will be beyond me.
  9. You have to have placed a bid. I was close but we'll spend the money on a house with a parking spot for the cruiser.
  10. Actually the pieces coming off have to contend with the scroll shape of the housing and the direction of travel of the turbine so even with the energy release there has to be more happening to create such a reversion pulse that particles enter the engine. Considering that this doesn't occur in every case it can't be contributed to just the destruction of the turbine, which gives me greater confidence that in the cases where ingestion occurs some degree of blocking by the turbine wheel has to be present. Then it is plausible that pulse inversion causes a negative pressure spike dragging the material into the cylinders. Similar to extractor function, just in reverse. Alternatively there could be a relationship with exhaust back pressure from the turbo still running that causes flow reversion in the damaged side. There are a couple of runners that are very close to the turbo so the explanation has to be a little more complex. I'd do some calculations on the mass flow, impulse reversion and relative densities but I'm retired so cbf. We've all seen compressors have a munch on the housing, which being ally will absolutely go through the pipes and IC causing engine damage but this discussion has little to do with that so we should avoid getting sidetracked.
  11. The phenomena of ceramic dust ingestion is likely to both a mass inertia effect and the separate manifold design with one manifold suddenly experiencing a blockage as the turbine self destructs. I don't do enough fluid dynamics modeling now to generate a theoretical result in reasonable time but the fact remains it has occurred many times, even though it is very counter intuitive. Severe scoring of bores and glass like shards embedded in the pistons and head can only come from one location. These are a very robust design within the original operating design envelope. Plenty are still running faultlessly but increasing boost, cold startup and hammering off before allowing reasonable warmup and various other abuse can dramatically shorten the lifespan and result in a complete rebuild. It just isn't worth the risk if you plan to increase boost, unless you are strange and enjoy building engines like I do.........even though I've been too crippled to do any for a couple of years
  12. Army caused it, but the medicals are covered by the biggest bunch of 2 faced scum in government - Veterans Affairs. I heard over 40 ex-service members took their life out of frustration from trying to deal with them last year. I can understand why. They can take their piddling pension and shove it, I just want to be able to do what I like, including getting back on a 6 figure income.
  13. Almost crippled mate. Nerve damage gone haywire. I can't drive a lot of the time from pain. I'm up for a computer implant trial monday to see if we can control the pain. If things turn around I'll be trying to get around to make a nuisance of myself.
  14. I was at Grays Auctions last week and there is a repo F430 Spider there coming up for auction soon. Red with black interior, just looks sweet. I'm hoping James buys it for me .......... to deliver .... please..... mate... I just wish I could work again and afford the P1 membership.
  15. Rich, get the latest version Open edition M33. You don't need home brew or v1.5 to run cracked etc. This one basically runs everything. http://www.krizka.net/2007/09/30/psp-custo...-371-m33-guide/
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