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  1. Ahh I jus googled the stock injector specs awsome I can jus plug and go
  2. Don't the stock injectors use one?? I scoured the engine loom looking for one yesterday and couldn't find one
  3. Hey guys jus been searching for anything to do with wiring and where I can find the injector dropping resistor in my r33. I need to remove is as I jus put in high impendace injectors and I'm told the stock ones are low impendace Cheers
  4. Wikid thanks man my 33 is about to be off the road for a bit it needs new brake rotors. Brake fluid change and new rotors wit sticky pads are on the cards I'll be hunting for your ideas and I'll have a look at Chopin the stone guards I've had a bit of a look at diffs ATM I'm swaying to an r200 but I gotta find one. Clutch I think I'll get into later when mine gives out ATM And I've got a new turbo set up lines up so I'll sell my old one to pay for the brakes Lookin at a td06 25g on a high mount external gate and change my j pipe for a diff cooler pipe to make it fit
  5. Also curiosity do fly wheels make a noticeable diference and is it worth looking at one
  6. Hey guys been on here a wile but Havnt really posted up Righto the point of my post. I've got an r33 4 door that was a daily but since getting my hilux Its become a weekend toy. It's running an xtreme ceramic 6 puk with heavy duty pressure plate went this for drivability for daily use but I'm keen for somthing a bit more grabby. Brakes are f**king terrible. Stock and fade very badly I was origanaly thinking slotted rotors and sticky pads but wats a good bang for buck upgrade that's gonna get rid of some fade. Last time on qr I had trouble pulling up for he corner at the end of the back straight after a few laps. Diff I'm running the stock viscous LSD and again it feels tame and is probly worn out. I've been pretty hard on it and is like somthing that feels a little more agressive. I have no idea about what diff are out there. And am looking for some advice on what's worth lookin at. Same as brakes like would gtr brakes with good pads be any good or is there somthing else that's worth looking at?? Clutch wise I'm thinking when I burn this one out I may look at a twin plate or another 6 puk with a race pressure plate but jus would like to kno what set ups ppl have and what you think of what you have Thanks guys
  7. Yeah well it's all on now and running. Sorted the no spark issue. Already taken it for a drive and set it up so it can be driven but it now needs to be tuned
  8. Mate compression isn't that tight. U can always turn it over by hand with effort. But when your pushing hard as f**k and it don't go that's worrying. I was getting worried as my room mates n12 did the same thing jus before it blew the Ecu. And was kinda hoping for some advice on microtech plug and play as well. I was told it would jus go when it pluged in but now I've got no spark and my exhaust is loaded with fuel from tryin to crank it.
  9. Jus discovered it was fuel lol it loaded up trying to start it. We've also discovered the lt12s isn't sending a spark signal but its a plug and play :S
  10. Kk now it cranks fine but its not starting. Wit the microtech in atm Haven't tryed the old Ecu yet waiting for charge in the battery atm
  11. Kk now it cranks over jus gotta get some charge in the battery
  12. Kk jus about to put the other starter motor in. But we jus discovered with the starter motor out I couldn't turn it clock wise either but I put a breaker bar on it and pushed hard as f**k then it turned over and seems fine now. Ill try another jump and another starter and fingers crossed it works
  13. Kk now I've discovered I can turn the engine over by hand anti clock wise then when I go back the other way it gets to a point and stops like its locked up. But yet the car was running and driving this morning
  14. Kk we've jus put it back in and cranked it on a spare battery and its still ticking its like it can't get the gear to pop out onto the fly wheel
  15. Lol I've jus pulled the starter motor out and put power on it it works perfectly fine :S
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