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  1. $65 and its yours, in good condition.
  2. The old road has been re-surfaced from the hawksbury river bridge up the hill towards pie in the sky, its brilliant. especially on the bike :-)
  3. Hey guys, For sale, Repaired Hybrid Intercooler. Intercooler had a small hole on the back side on the side, its been repaired by a welder, see pic. also the core is very slightly warped, couldnt get pics as the camera couldnt pick it up, im sure it could be straighnd. otherwise the intercooler is in good condition. price $120, pickup from central coast, nsw. Call Chris on 0401 486 410 or sms. Cheers
  4. Hey guys, looking for a standard R32 front bar, either gts-t or gts-t M-type.. located round sydney.. preferabley black. Cheers Chris.
  5. Had abit of fun coming down kariong hill late today on my bike with a White R34 GTR [00.34.00] very nice car.
  6. Hey mate, ive left a pm, im really keen for 1 of those front bars and the afm. cheers.
  7. recieved mine, and installed them today, their great, very happy with this product. Cheers.
  8. Hey mate, im interested in the bar, xcept i live in nsw, 2250. have you any idea on how much it would cost to ship it? and also, the pics alittle blurry, would it need a re spray? cheers Chris
  9. awesome cars guys, keep them coming.
  10. Wow that car looks brilliant, and looks as tuff as it goes im sure.
  11. That white 4Dr looks great.. very nice with those wheels and good choice of spoiler.
  12. awesome build..
  13. Awesome thread and brilliant pics, Thanks mate.