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  1. 4 grand is a bit excessive.... Could possibly be your location in Victoria? High risk area?
  2. This stalling problem, is it only an issue with GTS-T's or will an NA have the same problem aswell? From what i've read so far only turboed cars are having this problem. Has anyone had this problem with their NA?
  3. RACV aren't too bad. $1800 full comp and $312 fire and theft but only covered for $5000 grand.... if you're really tight on money thats probably the way to go
  4. sounds interesting..... wouldnt mind something like that myself
  5. wow HBA is pretty cheap. I'm gonna give them a call now. Damn they dont do it in Victoria.
  6. lol.... Autos suck so hard........ HARD I TELLS YA! Autos are always slower then manuals. It's just fact.. u get a better start, u can rev out high, and you can shift quick... all precious milliseconds that u gain over an auto... On that note, at what rev range does an auto r33 change gear at from 1st - 2nd?
  7. could be lifter noises... more of an issue with rb30s though
  8. List anything you've bought for your R32, or R33 here. Whether its Spark plugs to bodykits to wreckers. Maybe we can get a bit of a database happening so when we need parts, we might me able to find it here. Knowledge is Power! Someone let me know if a thread like this exists already. Cheers Krys
  9. aslong as it doesnt send spastic vibrations through the car i'll like it... plus the stereo and the exhaust will "cancel" it out .... lol
  10. What kind of sound is it? You'd think a sucking sound would be a cool sound.... lol whats so annoying about it?
  11. What are we trying to do here, modify our Skylines or modify our formula 1 cars
  12. I'm thinking i'll go for the K&N panel filter and try to incorporate twin air vents on each side of the bonnet for better air flow. Might try getting some stiff pipe hooked on underneath the bonnet going from the air vent to the air box. I might also try some flexi pipe running from the botom of the bar into the engine bay. Just ideas.... Also, can anyone recommend some Brand name extractors and their experience with them? what kinda power boost should i be expecting?
  13. What would u guys go for, Pod or K&n panel filter. I've heard the panel filters give more power then a pod... true/false? Also can anyone recommend an exhaust and extractor system for the narb25? I dont want drone... My 31 droned so much.... yeah importing an r33 atm so just getting ideas....
  14. What are the best mods to do to an N/A RB20 or RB25 for a decent performance boost? And please no one say Turbs... lol Any ideas welcome Cheers Krys
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