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  1. I've got a post on here from a while ago, stupidly put phone number in it. I don't care if the post stays but I'd really like to remove the phone number! I can't see a way to edit the post, how can I do it? Edit: Ok, so I can edit this post and applying the same edit URL to the original post gives me this. I'm guessing too much time has passed - what can I do? " Sorry, there is a problem This content can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited. Error code: 2F173/E "
  2. Looks good mate i wish this was around when I had my fcon!
  3. Selling some spare service parts i've got lying around: Gates timing belt T1040R (RB25DET) idler, tensioner bearings, cam and crankshaft seals RB25DET exhaust manifold gaskett 12x RB exhaust manifold studs Turbo-dump pipe gaskett Turbo-manifold gaskett All items are brand new and genuine nissan items apart from the timing belt kit. After $250 for timing belt kit After $120 for the rest Or sell the lot for $350
  4. realor

    1999 R34 Gt-t

    Hi guys, sorry for the cross post but my R34 is up for sale in the main section thought its a good idea to post here as well! http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/R34-Gt-t345022.html
  5. Car: 1999 R34 Black GT-T 2 door coupe Location: South side Brisbane Kilometers: see below Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: moving interstate Price and price conditions: $19000 ONO Contact: PM or call 0407759650 Extra Info: Up for sale is my much loved GT-T! Breaks my heart to sell alas she must go. The car itself is in very good condition, always been maintained and not drive much in the last year or so. The odo says 30 something thousand I think, I'm pretty sure it's been reset at some stage in its life, the real indication is more like 80k or so IMO. Feel free to come and have a look, I'm not hiding anything - as with most imports trusting the odo reading is foolish. HKS Fcon V-Pro computer HKS GT-2535 Turbo Blitz front mount intercooler HKS coilovers HKS EVC-5 dual stage boost controller Walbro 255 fuel pump with direct power Splitfire coilpacks 3" stainless dump/front pipe Hollowed cat Fujitsobo cat back exhaust (two big mufflers, deep note not too loud and no drone) 18" Volk F-winning zero wheels (9.5" wide rear, not sure about the front) GTR blow off valve Apexi turbo timer Factory Xenon headlights + optioned driving lights Optima yellow top battery + some jap grounding system wiring $19000 ONO. Will trade for late model tray back ute (no fords or holdens) + cash my way. Give me a call on <removed> or send me a pm if interested!
  6. I'm looking for side indicators and spare wheel? plus freight to brisbane
  7. bump! we all know how those studs can snap or come loose over time! replace yours today!
  8. Looking for a spare wheel from R34 GT-T ... needs to be from this model only unless you reckon yours will fit and I can make sure before purchase. Or does anyone know where I can get this in Brisbane? wreckers?
  9. ok the full story is: Bought the car from a guy, it had no spare wheel and he said he'll get one before selling it. So he goes to the wrecker and gets a R33 GTS-T yellow space saver which the wrecker told him will fit an R34 GT-T (but he didn't try and fit it at that time). Recently I shredded a tyre (got home luckily) and tried to put the wheel on ..... alas it hits the brake caliper and doesn't go on. I'm pretty sure my car has standard brakes so there must be a difference between R33 & R34 spare wheel???
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