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  1. Beautiful car! <3 Congrats mate, will defiantly watch this thread. Mad videos and pics!
  2. this is mint mate! makes me want to buy an r32 real bad lol
  3. Might as well have dial up..
  4. Id suggest school! But... If you have, or know someone who has a big empty paddock its pretty handy. That's where i've done a bit of testing, trying stuff out, although its a very different feel to tarred surface etc, its still pretty good for a bit of a practice go, not to mention shits and giggles.
  5. Jealousy! Congrats with the purchase!
  6. Anthony13

    2009 F1 Season

    Good win for Webber. Good to see Ferrari on the podium. Good to see Brawn over shadowed by Redbull. Good Race
  7. Best bet would just be to keep searching mate, Im also in the hunt for a R33 series 2 GTS/GTS4, or R34GT. It can be a pain, but in the end its probably worth it. Not to mention insurance cover would rise a fair bit with an engine swap in place? Considering what the going rate is for a p plater under comprehensive cover.
  8. This might help for offsets and guard clearance? http://www.1010tires.com/WheelOffsetCalculator.asp
  9. Sorry for the bump, Has this been sold now? Came across it yesterday on CarSales, and was pretty keen on it. Went to check up today and its gone, so i'm guessing it has been sold? Thanks.
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