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  1. best cash price? can this be registered or is it track only?
  2. hey mate whats THE BEST cash offer you'll take with the manual box supplied? what else could you supply for the manual conversion?
  3. just leave them nisskid... remember this is SAU. if your into putting $1300 wheels with cheap nasty rubber on your $160k-$180k supercar then thats great, take it to the track and give them hell so in a few months time we'll be laughing at your ROTA WARNING thread because you didnt listen and the wheels collapsed under the weight of your car, you'll whinge about the way your new R35 GTR slid on its rails, ripped off that nice front bar, sideskirts, completly destroyed those sexy uber expensive brakes, smashed up that $40k transmission and the thud of 2tonnes of japanese supercar hitting the track sent ripples all the way accross your chassis because you were to ignorant to listen to people advice when it comes to things like SAFETY and if that dosnt get into your head, if that does happen (which i have no real doubts) then you will VOID YOUR INSURANCE as i'm sure your insurance provider would be the first to point out you were not using the OEM wheels or suitable wheels for the car and it was the wheel that shattered/collapsed/ buckled which caused the accident. why do you even own an r35GTR if you cant even afford good wheels and tyres. i'd feel much safer on my old 17x9+22 super advan racing then those nasty china rims, may of well put 20" vaults on it... i can feel a ban coming on for this post but if that isnt enough to get the facts in your head you deserve to have your car written off when the wheels FAIL... because with that much wait and force, they WILL fail.
  4. want to split it? i'm keen for the xbox, controls, cables, hard drive I.E all the running gear with no games.
  5. Hey mate have you got the master cylinder? if so how much?
  6. have a look at line3's r33. clicky i can vouch for this car... he wash's it all the time, always cleaning and looking after the car and it is very clean inside. he's just had a new HD extreme clutch+ rear main seal put in along with a fully rebuilt master and slave cylinder, car drives very well and i make sure it is serviced EVERY 5000KMS as i do with all my cars.
  7. i'm located in wollongong guys. if your interested please leave a post here so i can keep track of it as i dont have any credit due to lack of job/licence. post here or call me if interested. cheers
  8. chuck this on aus300zx, someone will snap it up over there. good luvk with sale
  9. i'll give you an s13, sr20de with mods and you give me the bike + a little cash ? the s13's for sale here, check my topic if your interested.
  10. still for sale i've got fines to pay hence no licence and need the cash asap. make me an offer above $5000 and i'll more then likely take it.
  11. geez... its just the internet, relax a bit ey. but i'll agree with ted & stevep that i would much rather have a few guys who like to come online and have a bit of fun over the free forums then to risk getting ripped off by the different traders that are allowed to continue ripping people off through this site. just a though anyway...
  12. whats the go with this? i'm keen to go on a bit of a holiday before the end of the year... wouldnt mind hitting up the super gp. if you can pm me some details it would be sweet
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