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  1. Hi mate do you still have this head for sale?
  2. Hi mate is the head series 2??? Can you please SMS me on 0422193418 thank you
  3. Hi mate is rb25 head still available? If so SMS me on 0422193418.
  4. Hi mate what work has been down to the head??? I'm interested in head please SMS me on 0422193418. Cheers
  5. hi mate do you still have this bike for sale? pm me please. or sms me on 0422193418
  6. still for sale..... give me an offer!!!
  7. BUMPPPPPP...... OPEN TO ANY OFFERS 0422193418
  8. PRICE DROP!!!! $200 for both pairs ONO
  9. Bump I need this items gone. Please send me any offer possible. Thank you.
  10. Let me know if payment for sway bar fails as I'm wanting the sway bar. I didn't get in quick enough as I had no Internet to check for ur reply post. Spewing I didn't get the sway bar!
  11. Does brake stop fit r33 gtst?
  12. Can you send me some pics of where the scuff marks are so that I can see what the sway bar is like?
  13. Do you have coil pack cover and bolts for sale? Also what about pulleys for airconditor pump etc?
  14. Do you know what size the sway bar is? How many mm? Is it 24mm adjustable? Also what condition are the bushes in? How much for postage to 3025 post code?