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  1. Hi have a twin plate clutch for sale, done approx 500km before it was taken off the car, I don't need it any more as no longer have the car and it is sitting around collecting dust item location is Western Suburbs in Victoria. Fits r33 gtr and I think late model r32 gtr Can post at buyers expense Asking for $1800
  2. Please pm me you number for pictures, it prob can be complied if. You have time to find out, Aaron at import monster had the import approval papers for it a while ago for me but I never had time to put car back together to get it complied, please note it was about 2 years ago as well car has been sitting in my garage on pieces as I had other plans for the car
  3. hi guy i have a tonne of stuff i need to sell due to finical difficulties and i don't have the time atm to finish off this project i have a r34 gtr Vspec 99 model rolling shell suitable for track only as i never got it complied, has no motor in it needs a little bit of work done to it to have it track ready. has no brakes, has all guards, bonnet, doors, windows, dash, gearbox, wheels, seats and interior trims. asking $15000 also have RRR block still in plastic asking $8000 HKS step 2 2.8lt stroker kit $7000 tome oil pump brand new $2000 HKS 3037 high mount twin turbo kit $5000 brand new r34 gtr front diffuser $800 genuine vspec rear diffuser $2000 after market vspec style rear diffuser $1000 rays te37SL in satin black 19x10.5+15 with rubber on it $3200 serious buyers only don't bother lowballing me as you will be ignored. every thing is located in Victoria please contact me for pictures as every thing is kept at another location and not at my house so i have to travel out to get pictures
  4. FYI that's got masa guards on it not ztune guards
  5. Lol yeah I know what it would look like but I'm seeing. If any one has images of it, as I know genuine guards would not be an exact fit because the standard guards have an extra piece that runs from the guards on to the doors
  6. just wondering if any one has seen or done this, been looking around on the internet for a while now and have not found any pictures, but I'm after images of a c34 with z-tune front end fitted including the z tune fenders, seen heaps of z tune front bar but yeah would like to see one with the z tune guards fitted to it
  7. What kinda parts Re you interested in swapping for the go ped?
  8. Hey guys sorry I've been fairly busy and haven't had time to trial fit it again nor have had time to come on fourm ill try attack it tonight
  9. It's hitting the bracket that holds the a/c condenser and also the vent is coming in to contact with the ac condenser fan. Ill post up a photo when I get home
  10. Anyone having fit ment issues with it? Did anyone buy for an autech 260rs s1?
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