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  1. yeah, i was thinking that. ill do that in the mean time. i have a mate fabricating up the metal pipe now so it'll look swish when done. its just thoses hoses near the engine deterriorate from the heat. but non moulded hose it is might see if i can get some uni coil's as well. but thanks at least it wont be a bad thing.
  2. hey there had my skyline R31 GX for a little while now (first car) with the standard RB30E engine (has extractors fitted) but otherwise is stock and one of the heat hoses has cracked and is leaking coolant rather badly so it need to be replaced. and ive discovered that trying to find new hoses is rather difficult (that or im just no good at it). and rather than going through nissan and selling my right arm for the moulded hoses i can get stainless pipes fitted for the motor eliminated the inevitable deteriation of hoses close to the engine through heat. there would still be a small amount of hose but in an easily accessable area thats quick and easy to change. also was wondering if there was a way to use non moulded hose just so i can drive the car around again till i have all the stainless piping made up.
  3. YEAR: 1988 MODEL: R31 GX executive BODY TYPE: 4 Door COLOUR: classic white, dark grey pin strip along the sides Drivtrain: RB30E with automatic gearbox mod: lowered pedders suspension and radio removed (stolen? dunno) is how i bought it.
  4. well ive had my skyline (which is my first car) and one of the heater pipes has decided to crack and leak coolant ive been around and cant really find anywhere that stocks R31 hoses beyond the radiator one. i'd like to replace all the hoses but just need to find where to purchase them from, apart from a wreckers or nissan. if possible.
  5. half-fix


    as in a torque converter?
  6. spotted one down the road from my self on gearside street in red its another R31 dunno if the owner is online here but i still noticed pictures will be coming soo i belive it to be a TI as well
  7. free between the hours of 5 and 7 pm! i think....
  8. well ive been in brissie for 20 odd years and although its not fantastic the weather is a little more stable than most other places or that might just be where i live a little more specifically. being an inner brisbane resident, but i definatly dont like that new scaffold and toothpick bridge...
  9. half-fix


    welp just got myself my first road worthy and regeistered car, 21 years of age and living in the northside (everton park to be specific) of brisbane. ive had a look through this site a few time on boring nights of net surfing and now that i own a skyline thought i might as well become a member. my beastette is a skyline R31 GX model in white. bought her for 1,500 with road worthy and 3 months rego transferred. here is an outside picture of herand this is a shot of the engine bay the pod filter had since been replaced along with the fanbelts. next on the list is to replace the radiator the plastic is showing signs of the plastic stressing and will most likely develop cracks?
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