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  1. Son Gokou i have seen a v35 like yours in my area a few times. By any chance do you live in the northern suburbs?
  2. Hey Chris, I have lost my original set which was the key, keypad and my immobiliser. Now i've got my spare set but its just the key and the immobiliser. Do i order the key and keypad through Nissan? and with the immobiliser i order it through the company? Sorry i've never done this before, cant belive i've lost it The chassis number i have 100% that is no problem Thankyou so much for your help.
  3. Hey everyone, How much would the original key with the keypad cost do you think? Thankyou
  4. I know im waiting to spot a V36, my dad is thinking about buying a V36 if he does i will be so jelous ! Spot another silver v35 coupe in millpark its the same man i see in it, i dont think he goes on the forums but.
  5. Saturday 21/11/2009 I spotted around 10:00pm a really nice RED V35 coupe heading up to plenty road. Im not sure of the street name we were on, but it was heading up to plentyb road Then when about to go into Crown car park i spotted a SILVER V35 coupe parked outside crown. It looked like you had black rims, deep dished im guessing lol it was from a distance plus it was raining but it looked nice Spotting more V35's now every week.
  6. Just saw a white v35 skyline with a little spoiler and the stock rims looks really nice. It was in chapel street also
  7. SUNDAY the 9th, Elwood beach leaving the car park a Black G35 skyline behind me for 5 mins so excited lol Silver V35 parked in the city, i forgot the street name it was near billboards i was coming straight down from lygon street and i saw it parked in the middle section
  8. Hey well im in lygon street a lot Friday and Saturday nights and some week nights. Well it is just standard silver with silvers spoke rims and i have mini euro plates aswell I've been seeing a lot of silver V35 around now lol have you spotted me down lygon street?
  9. siu_loong_bao what time are you usually around there? I've spotted a couple 4 doors before aswell, not sure if i have seen yours, maybe. Well i've spotted a Silver V35 coupe in lygon st 2 friday nights ago had a spoiler on it No one has spotted me im around st kilda, lygon st, city ect sucks, hopefully one day lol
  10. My insurance thru JUST CARS around $3800 The excess is $1500 if anything ever happens. Have to say JUST CARS been a really good company, good service
  11. Hi Juan, Monday night fitzroy street silver V35 coupe was pulling into a under ground parking area. I was in my V35 so yeah lol you probley would have spotted me if it was you lol The guy i remember had sunglasses on
  12. I just spotted around 9:30 I think lol a silver v35 down fitzroy street you were going to some parking area
  13. oh my god! i am excited im coming 100% so excited i cant wait! my first meet with my V35, very very happy lol
  14. very nice i like it alot