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  1. Evans waterless coolant. Drained the coolant system and filled with Evans waterless coolant. Pleased with the results. My main concern was pressure in the cooling system, now I have none. Came back off a hard run, oil temp 102 degrees C. Coolant gauge the same as before using water. And promptly removed the rad cap, no expansion at all and no pressure on any hoses.
  2. Just about to fit mine, what an excellent write up.
  3. Resurrecting an old thread, but is there anyway to identify the exhaust wheel while turbos fitted to the car? I've tried using a mirror to see the id plate, but no luck, thought about a boroscope to put up the downpipe but I think the turbo elbos have to sharp a bend. I don't really want to strip the turbos down, what with all thew work involved. All I can assume is the ceramic wheels are still there so don't want to increase boost. Thanks in advance.
  4. Has anyone any idea why my airbag light is staying on? I have an aftermarket steering wheel with a airbag boss, the light has always been on since I've owned the car, but new MOT rules say that the light needs to extinguish. I thought if there was a fault the light would flash not stay on.
  5. I've just got the numbers off the casing of one of my turbo's The marking for the std turbo's that I've seen seem too be. Garrett 1.2 A/R42 M24. I have the same markings except 1.2 is 1.1 on mine, does anyone know what it refers too??
  6. Does anybody know the injector duty cycle percentage for a stock R33 GTR?
  7. Any of you guys had an unexplained missfire for such a short period? Started yesterday so checked resistance in coils...ok. Checked sparkplugs..seem ok, are new though. Ran ecu diagnostic, no errors logged, checked lambdas..ok. Then today, went for a run, still missing, especially at higher revs then after an hour, totally went and runs perfectly again. Any other thoughts on what it could have been??
  8. Thanks guys for the info, puts my mind at rest.
  9. Hi guys, over here in the UK we currently have E5 Bio fuel and the Government has announced from next year there using E10. Now I believe you guys use E10 or higher. My question is: Have you had any issues with these fuels being used in your Skylines? Some people here are starting to worry. I have a 1997 R33 GTR. Thanks for any input.
  10. I used this from the other forum for getting the angle correct, mine from the wheel to the front of the bumper is 32" unlike his 25". Basically, measure the height from the front bumper to the ground then the distance from the wheel to the front of the bumper. Mine is 25" from wheel to front, and height was 5-5.5", used 5" for safety. So, with these figures you know the angle (for ramps) which is 10.7 degrees. But you know the front must travel at least 25", before hitting anything over 5". Each step is 13" long, and the height is 1.75". Based on 1.75" per step, I know 2 steps =3.5", but 3 would be 5.25". So based on the height from my bumper to the ground of 5", I know that the 3rd step must be over 25" away from the 1st. In theory top one could be shorter and if the height was 5.5" then i could climb 3 steps every 25", instead of 2. And the step could be 12.5" instead of 13". Therefore the ramps overall can be shorter. But I just played safe (ground wasn’t exactly even at measurement). Conclude for shorter ramps: stopper = 1.5" long, top step = 14", next step = 26.5", next step = 39". Next step (could be final step if only require just over 7" in height, I found this sufficient) 51.5", if not next step is 64". Each platform has 12.5". And the shopping list: I bought 3 lengths of 47mm x 250mm x 4.8mtrs of sawn wood from Covers. 1st length 2 x 1380mm and 2 x 920mm 2nd length 2 x 2300mm 3rd length 2 x 1840mm and 2 x 460mm They will cut all this for you. That'll give you the 10 lengths you need to make the 2 ramps. And a box of 10 x 75mm screws. This is all assuming you have at least 5" clearance from your front spoiler to the ground. If less you'll have to re-calculate. Hope this helps.
  11. Built these over the weekend, got the idea from another forum. The first picture was before I'd changed them so the ramp was detachable.
  12. No, A member on the GTROC here in the UK has a friend who works at Omori.
  13. Official answer from Omori is, they used Porsche 993 yellow. A member on the GTROC here in the UK has a friend who works at Omori. Thanks for your help guys.
  14. The second picture looks very close, (oo)skyline(oo), I think your right with regards to having the Nismo brochure.
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