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  1. It always is when it's not your car. Which reminds me, I need to readjust the parking brake on my V36. Nobody has really been capable of giving it a proper adjustment, working on the cable instead of the shoes themselves. I always get a little nervous creep from it.
  2. I'm not so trusting of that idea either. I know of two people with two vehicles whose pawl did not hold their vehicle at all and made quite the amusing ticking sound as they rolled away from them. One caught his vehicle in time. The other, well, the write-off was a blessing in disguise anyway. To me, they're always a backup to the parking brake, not a primary.
  3. Agreed. Their parts search is becoming more unreliable by the day. I find myself having to contact them directly instead.
  4. I don't see that as a reasonable excuse for not engaging the handbrake, at all. I hope you're at least turning your wheels in the right direction for your vehicle to veer into the kerb so that it doesn't roll off and damage someone else's vehicle or kill someone. Pardon my judgmental attitude but part of motoring is thinking responsibly about everyone around you and your heavy steel weapon. We have parking brakes for a reason. They are the primary safety device, not your gearbox.
  5. Perhaps they fit but would they actually look worthwhile? Honestly, what's wrong with trying to do the job properly and, as a result, once only?
  6. Definitely get an OEM or Chargespeed (spelling?) bumper. That thing is hideous.
  7. iPhones, in my experience, have generally sucked with the V36 Bluetooth. Keeping in mind that as you update your iOS, you put yourself at risk of the Bluetooth playing up on you again. As for dialling from the vehicle's interface, look at the Japanese translation document thread stickied at the top in this discussion group.
  8. Certainly is a thing but if you're an '09 model, you're OK. Mine is an '09 model too (built 12/2008) and ECUtek'ed.
  9. Well, if the paperwork looks kosher, I guess that helps. What grade is it (e.g. 4B, 4A, 4R)?
  10. Have you already cut a deal with these guys, placed a non-refundable deposit, etc? Looking through their very basic website, honestly, I wouldn't be inclined to do business with them. I smell a rat. Did you ask them for the Japan export/de-registration paperwork?
  11. If a dealer has to do that, I'd be wondering about the dealer! Who are they, if you don't mind me asking?
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