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  1. If it's more about producing a tasteful note, I recommend just replacing the muffler like I did, with a Megan Racing one. It's half the cost and has a very tasteful note that even old geezers would appreciate. I had to get my exhaust guy to cut off and replace those ricey burnt titanium tips with regular oval chrome tips. But, as Paul just said, beauty is in the ear of the beholder.
  2. I had no idea about the service position either but then again, I never really needed to bother with any special positioning to safely replace the arms with the Bosch Icon types. In any case, not rocket science to work out without YouTube.
  3. Correct, it's about multiple maps. A single map is definitely feasible but seemingly not all of us have ECUs with sufficient memory for multiple maps. Frankly, I find the multiple maps thing in these cars to be a bit of a wank but that's just my personal preference.
  4. Hmmm. Time to break out the multimeter for someone!
  5. You would think that would be good incentive. Not only that, despite not having the experience and though this is a harder one to diagnose in finding the path the water takes, they still get paid for the warranty work they perform. Unless they're absolute dopes, they're not going to take an eternity to work on them for Nissan to put any kind of unreasonable upper limit on what they get paid.
  6. I would've loved to have heard what Nissan's WA GM told the guy too. I don't understand the reluctance to work on a vehicle that has all its technical resources managed by Nissan Japan. They really don't have any excuse to not work on these things when they're officially sold through the Australian channel.
  7. I get that it adds character to the vehicle but are you that keen for a Japanese voice to remind you not to drink and drive (that's one of the messages she says)?
  8. I definitely agree this looks more promising than those crappy faux Tesla conversions. Like everything when it comes to these tightly integrated systems, it becomes a somewhat costly exercise in trying out various "solutions" until you land the one that suits you best. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
  9. Oh, it's the ETC module that triggers the chitchat? I quite like it. Adds character.
  10. I didn't have the audio on when watching through that video but I do have a couple of observations to make here that you should take heed of: 1) The daughterboard he installs just sits between the chassis and the OEM mainboard of that display. I couldn't tell if there was any kind of insulation on either of those boards that would ensure that there is zero physical contact between anything conductive. Perhaps the connectors are enough to keep the boards separated but that makes me paranoid. I would get a transparency film in between them to ensure they are truly insulated from each other. 2) He didn't test it before reassembling the dash. Maybe he's that confident but I always test before I reassemble anything. Otherwise, looks pretty cool. Have fun! Hopefully it will survive a few OS updates on your phone before it's made useless.
  11. That's disappointing to hear, as I imported my '09 V36 through Geoff back in December 2011. Looks like Iron Chef is the way to go then.
  12. On the other hand, if you look at one of the Directed Electronics solutions and are prepared to go through the pain of wiring and programming it, you can have your remote start and it will only shut down the vehicle (and sound the alarm) if you don't have the OEM key with you when you hop in.
  13. @mycarhasposessedme, after seeing your hand constantly waving about on-camera, I'm pretty sure that kind of activity would be right up your alley (so to speak). Mgrande, no experience with it here but I'd be taking off the cover and wiggling the shifter around by hand (or just finger) to hopefully listen out for the source of the rattle.
  14. Pretty sure some guys here have been using one from Jaycar.
  15. You're right. It is an exercise in compromise. I much prefer the lesser complexity in going air-to-air and the amount of people who've reported on their coolant system spewing forth their contents after a hose failure is well-known. It's the only reason why I would avoid buying one, despite how pornographic they are to my eye and have me lusting after one!
  16. They look menacingly stunning but I'm not keen on their overly complex coolant plumbing for the turbos.
  17. Stick to what you have. Moving into a higher colour temperature will be far too white and useless in many conditions, particularly in wet weather.
  18. You've lost me with your terminology. I'm guessing by "Exon," you mean "xenon." If so, if it is a D2S (i.e. a round connector rather than a rectangular 3-pin connector), you should be replacing it with a similarly decent D2S bulb. Philips or Osram are the way to go, in my humble opinion. No, LEDs are not a suitable replacement and I doubt you'll find anything LED for a headlight bulb anyway. For the small 5W wedge bulbs (i.e. park lights), sure, but not your actual headlights. Even if they did exist, they would burn out a lot sooner than a Xenon HID and the colour temperature would be bad enough to get you (deservedly) defected.
  19. It always is when it's not your car. Which reminds me, I need to readjust the parking brake on my V36. Nobody has really been capable of giving it a proper adjustment, working on the cable instead of the shoes themselves. I always get a little nervous creep from it.
  20. I'm not so trusting of that idea either. I know of two people with two vehicles whose pawl did not hold their vehicle at all and made quite the amusing ticking sound as they rolled away from them. One caught his vehicle in time. The other, well, the write-off was a blessing in disguise anyway. To me, they're always a backup to the parking brake, not a primary.
  21. Agreed. Their parts search is becoming more unreliable by the day. I find myself having to contact them directly instead.
  22. I don't see that as a reasonable excuse for not engaging the handbrake, at all. I hope you're at least turning your wheels in the right direction for your vehicle to veer into the kerb so that it doesn't roll off and damage someone else's vehicle or kill someone. Pardon my judgmental attitude but part of motoring is thinking responsibly about everyone around you and your heavy steel weapon. We have parking brakes for a reason. They are the primary safety device, not your gearbox.
  23. Perhaps they fit but would they actually look worthwhile? Honestly, what's wrong with trying to do the job properly and, as a result, once only?
  24. Definitely get an OEM or Chargespeed (spelling?) bumper. That thing is hideous.
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