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  1. Check Taarks or email him if it's not online. I'm sure he would be able to get you one.
  2. sweefu

    Interesting that you cooked the Nulon. My car is a 200sx, possibly a bit lighter? I don't think you would continuously brake as often in a tarmac rally compared to circuit racing either which is why I might get away with it. There's often long stretches of road so things get a chance to cool down a bit
  3. sweefu

    Just to shake things up I have been using the Nulon Extreme fluid in the yellow bottle for $7/500ml. I change it regularly but I've used it in all 5 (2 day) tarmac rally events I've done plus regular friendly track days without any issues at all.
  4. sweefu

    How much is it? I've read around $90/5 litres
  5. sweefu

    Bit quiet in this thread! I assume because of Facebook and associated groups? Has anyone been looking at attending the Snowy River Sprint later this month? http://www.australiantarmacrally.com/events.html Cheers
  6. sweefu

    Has anyone used the new Nulon "Racing" oil? Cheers
  7. sweefu

    I use Redline MT90 because its an actual GL-4 spec lube instead of Castrol and most other brands which are GL-5. The Nissan boxes are supposed to use a GL-4 although most people use GL-5, which apparently isn't good for the brass synchro gears.
  8. sweefu

    Awesome to hear you'll be there mate, I will be there for tour class too. Fingers crossed for no rain! How are the repairs going?
  9. sweefu

    Hey mate, how are you looking for the Snowy River Sprint? Cheers
  10. sweefu

    Thanks very much for the feedback Duncan and recommendation about the higher pressure. I originally wanted the Hankooks but could only find them for $1800/set, so the Kumhos seemed like excellent value. Have you ever used them in damp conditions? The event I am using them in (Snowy River Sprint, Lakes Entrance VIC) is sometimes damp. Cheers.
  11. sweefu

    I just picked up a set of 245/40r17 Kumho V70A in the K60 (medium) compound. I'll be trying them out at a tarmac rally next month. I think this tyre was more popular a few years ago. Although it's been manufactured quite recently (my set have a July 2016 manufacture date) it seems like they aren't as popular as the Toyos, Hankooks and Advans etc. From what I can see they should be a good medium budget tyre, my set cost $1100 all up, but the other brands were more like $1600 - $1800 a set.
  12. Track day maintenance schedule Hello all! This has always been an interesting topic for me, but not one I can find a lot of info on. It would be great to get an idea of what kind of maintenance you guys do you on your cars each track day/race event. I'm not sure if what I am doing is enough, or overkill, or if i'm missing something critical which is important. I do mostly tarmac rally (up to 150km per day competitive) and some hill climbs/drifting/fun track days. To try and keep consistency across info i'll use sub headings: Frequency: Work: Frequency: Small service every event (events are either 1 or 2 days long) more major checks every 3-6 months or few events if I'm driving regularly Work: Small service: Engine oil and filter, wheels off the car and quick check for leaks/loose bolts/rubber boots, top up fluids if required Major service: Gearbox oil, brake/clutch fluid, thorough check of all bolts/inspection of parts for wear, pull out brake pads to check rotors/calipers etc Yearly (if not already done within 12 months): Air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, power steering fluid, coolant and diff oil (standard lsd) Should I be doing things more or less often? What is your maintenance schedule like? Cheers!
  13. sweefu

    Hey mate, In my S14 I have an RB25 bellhousing, cut/shut with SR20 front, on a Z32 gearbox. Boom! The Z32 shifter lines up much better, at best you will need to clearance the shifter hole a few mm. The RB25 box requires a ~70mm half circle to be cut out of the front of the shifter hole, then you need a big dogleg shifter and it's not good. Feel free to PM me for more info.
  14. Maybe it will be a bit quieter after break in? Did you settle on a break in procedure mate? I'm delaying the purchase of my diff, I didn't have enough time to get it done before my next event.
  15. Thanks for the info Duncan. Which diff oil do you use? Do you still use the Nismo (Motul I believe) synthetic oil that comes with the diff kit, or mineral oil from installation? Also, do you have any recommendation or advice regarding the adjustable Pro or non-adjsutable models? I'm a bit stuck trying to decide.