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  1. Haha, I regularly tow 3 tonne plus with the q7. It is nice to be able to do that without slowing down or ringing the tow vehicles neck. 110km/h is never not achievable.
  2. I drove the v12 before I bought the v8. The v8 series 2 has he 8 speed gearbox where as the v12 doesn't. I actually thought the v8 was a much nicer car to drive and 800nm of torque or 1000nm tuned is still massive.
  3. Which q7 is it Fatz? I have a 2012 q7 with the 4.2 twin turbo diesel v8 and 8 speed auto and it literally doesn't care if there is a trailer attached... It's awesome
  4. OK.... Slightly overdue I know..... We have made quite a lot of progress and I am now going to try and bring you all up to speed..... I am uploading heaps of photos to my PC now so shall do a big post tomorrow! Cheers,
  5. Yeah you were slightly slow on that one Magic Mike
  6. ^^ Thats funny.... Last time i checked it was a fully seperate ladder chassis with a low range gearbox, diff locks, advanced off road traction control and a petrol v8 which returns within 4l per 100k's of a 200 series cruiser. What is it with simple minds and petrol engines in 4wd's Why does a 4wd need live axles to be considered 'proper'? Sure, articulation is going to be compromised but with its significantly more advanced electronics and mechanical diff locks I dont really see this being an issue. It goes everywhere my 80 series used to go however actually accelerates at a decent rate...... Dont get me wrong i think your GQ patrol is a beast. They are renowned for their off road ability and reliability. However it isnt even in the same category when it comes to anything other than serious 4wding. (Let the arguments begin)
  7. Recently bought a Y62 Patrol.... Kitted it out.....Awesome tow car!! More power than you will ever need and for a proper 4wd its road manners are quite good.
  8. Hey guys, Expression of interest for v8 supercar alcons. I already have the hats and caliper brackets made up for them. Work was done by motorsport brakes in queensland. Cheers Damian Lomax Last Minute Racing 0433784774
  9. Hey guys, IM BACK!!! So keen to update you all on the progress, lots has happened!!! Although the car is not finished, it has been coming along nicely and i have done lots of work to the old girl. I will update the thread with photos and details shortly. Noddy: The car will run a very special 26/30, standard gearbox (for now) and NISMO diff. I just had a little peak at your build, they dont look tooo dissimilar. Woudl be keen to hear how yours goes and think we should pit them against eachother sometime #skyginer: Yeah the geomerty itself is standard however we have installed every IKEA Formula arm available (roll centre included) bar the front upper control arms which they said wouldnt be back in stock for a long time. SO for this i modified some CUSCO arms.
  10. Hey guys, I have the following arms for an r33 (i think these should be the same GTST and GTR, correct me if im wrong): - Front lower control arms with roll centre adjustment IKEYA - Front upper control arms with camber adjustment CUSCO - Front castor arms (part of lower control arms) IKEYA - Front Tie rods IKEYA - Front Tie rod ends IKEYA - Rear lower control arms with roll centre adjustment IKEYA - Rear upper control arms with camber adjustment Unknown All of this gear has never seen a running car, is currently installed loosely on a race car shell. I would be looking for $4500 for the lot. Cheers Damian Lomax Last Minute Racing 0433784774
  11. Hey guys, I have for sale a set of RAYS TE37 SL rims in 18x10.5 +15. They are a brownish? colour with a polished chrome lip. (I actually have only ever opened one box once to make sure they were the right wheels!!!) Comes with genuine RAYS wheel nuts. One wheel has a slight gutter rash on one spoke. I will take photos of the rash and the wheels themselves when i am near them on monday night. I would like $3000 for the set including nuts etc... Cheers Damian Lomax Last Minute Racing 0433784774
  12. Hey guys, I have a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU for sale. I never actually got around to using it. We went MOTEC instead. Chasing $1450. Located in Canberra Cheers Damian Lomax 0433784774 Last Minute Racing
  13. Hey mate, have a ps2000 that i havent used yet if you still need one?
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