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  1. Karl got a number and where are you located? im keen on ur camber arms. thx
  2. R200 4.11 ratio Perfect lsd diff only removed to change for a higher ratio diff. Not clunky or noisy Missing back cover and no half shafts. $100 Or swap for two 17' tyres with newish tread Pm me or contact Andrew 0421 476 305 Located in Reservoir
  3. check your knock sensors. I bought a 32 and one of the knock sensors was unplugged and it had if not the same very similar problem to yours
  4. Geraus the steering wheel thingy is called a clock spring for the airbag
  5. haha yeah maybe i should just leave my current turbo (tr43) and just get some adjustable cam gears?
  6. Hey guys just got a cheap garret t04b with a .60 front and 1.00 rear... I know its a big rear housing for a rb20 but what would i see boost at? ive tried searching but it seems no1 has bothered to do something like this haha the motors in a s13 and is used for drifting at tracks only so abit of lag is not bad My aim is 250rwkw with supporting mods thanks, Andrew
  7. Hey mate I'm in reservoir, I don't really want to trade for a bike but I'm chasing either a ktm525 or crf450 plus cash my way Thanks Loky I'm going to miss it, still having 2nd thoughts to sell it
  8. Shell ca18de auto now with a rb20det Tein ha coilovers all round Z32 front break upgrade 3inch zorst from turbo back no cat or mufflers Safety 21 5 point half cage Gates timing belt Alloy radiator with drift thermo controller Hypergear tr43 top mounted and ext gated at 17psi made 207rwkw then coilpacks broke down Gtr 444cc injectors Z32 afm Plazmaman cooler pipes to 600x300 Cooler Gizzmo ebc 6 presets Nismo short shifter Nistune ecu tuned by Trent at status $6500 firm Selling to buy a bike
  9. nah mate i cut my one, and i found it on a r32 with a rb20de and pick a part charged me $5 for it lol
  10. Hey guys just getting rid of some stuff to clean out the garage Have 6 gtr 444cc injectors afew need new seals and i think most need new caps on them but are all working - $150 Also 6 std Rb20det Injectors all perfectly working - $100 Standard Green label rb20 afm one side of the mesh is slightly dented because the bonnet was closed on it but perfecty working - $50 R32 Rb20det ecu - $50 R33 Rb25det ecu - $50 Rb20 Coilpacks have 5 after $10 each or $40 for all 5 eBay t3/t4 turbo pretty much new just ran on the car for about 2 weeks then took it off because i got a better turbo. Has a .63 rear - $100 2x Blown gearboxes ones off a rb20det and the other is off a s14 both have no bellhousings Rb20 one has blown 3rd s14 one has blown 2nd After $20 for both Rb20det std raidiator no holes good cond - $40 Call Andrew - 0421 476 305 or Msg me Located in Reservoir Need these gone ASAP!! Open to offeres might have afew other things around the garage so ask
  11. use the s13 one which is just near the passenger headlight
  12. You can use rb20 pump but u need to remove the inside "guts" for the hicas or power steering fluid will leak everywere (which i learnt the hard way) lol and its less work to use the std pump and rack, altho the pump will bolt onto the rb20 but doesnt sit straight, I found the easiest way is to get the pump bracket off a rb20de which is a non hicas pump wich is identical to the s13 ca pump
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