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  1. I believe that's for a flare (not fire extinguisher) as required by law in Japan.
  2. I had a similar looking button on my stagea, was an override switch for the TV / display. For safety reasons the screen won't display when the car is moving or the park brake is disengaged. This switch toggles it on / off. I bought the unit through nengun many many years ago, I'll see if I can find any more info on the unit.
  3. It's a 5 door no sunroof. I guess the fact it's a hatchback and no sunroof the price was cheaper.
  4. I just used that mob to redo the headlining on my mk5 golf hatchback. Really impressed with the quality of their work and the quality of the (black) material they used. Bit surprised at the price though, I only paid $350...
  5. I had the xanavi unit in mine (with integrated air conditioning controls)- why would you want the xanavi unit? In addition to the xanavi unit you need an override box that allows the screen to stay on when driving (I paid nearly $100 on yahoo). If you already have the single din air conditioning unit you are much better off going after market. More inputs, can play more formats, Bluetooth, maps, better resolution... Can't think of a reason to use the xanavi unit other than you have one laying around or to save some $$.
  6. Unrelated to your new truck-I saw your stagea drive past me at the lights today- it was towing a big ass box trailer too... good to see the stagea hasn't been forgotten! Purely co-incidental I read your post yesterday and saw the pic with the light bar on the stag which is unique... How I miss my stagea.....
  7. Weekend bump. Come and take them away! Will only cost you a thank you! Would rather somebody takes them over being binned...
  8. Hi all, My bro sold his r32 many years ago and we forgot the stockies were still around. Tyres need replacing but wheels are straight but could do with a freshen up. $50 set of 4. (Gtst specs not gtr specs) Pickup only from Ryde. Reply or PM for contact details. Adrian.
  9. Headlights now SOLD! Still have stock catback exhaust for sale...
  10. Bump! Still available, on eBay if people want to buy separately. Also found my stock exhaust (cat back) pickup only in Sydney $50!
  11. In Sydney - Happy to ship interstate if you want.
  12. Sadly I have sold the stagea - have these in a box which needs to go... Make an offer people...
  13. Search is your friend - one for sale right now. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/443033-1997-nissan-stagea-bnr34-z-tune-front-16k/
  14. The one they have doesn't look too bad (but cant really tell from the crappy pic) - I paid $600 for mine a few years ago, It was an insurance job so cant comment on how much it would cost to spray though. (maybe 300?) Glad you have come around, the Days kits look so much better than any of other after market ones (unless you like the boy racer look)...
  15. Not a fan of aftermarket body kits, especially fibreglass as they don't always fit properly and crack easily. How about a Nissan one (Dayz)? I went the same path, looks much better than stock, factory fitment and quality. I got mine from japaneseimportspares in sa(close to you)! I can link you pics if you can't find any. Cheers - Adrian.
  16. If you can't find second hand, the justjap bell mouth dump is about $200....one of the best mods I've done to my car
  17. adey88

    Seats C34

    Got r33 GTR seats in mine, direct fit but sit a few inches lower (should be fine if you're not short!)
  18. adey88

    spot the stagea

    Black c34 in Woy Woy. It's always nice to see another modified stag, especially outside of Sydney!
  19. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/index.php?/topic/129786-Air-Con-Filter/page__view__findpost__p__3635516 You followed these diagnostics posted by "chook"? It Should tell you which component is wrong...
  20. Still for sale guys. Gave them a polish with plastic X.
  21. Nice! Being a series 2 owner not a fan of the S1 but your car looks sweet!
  22. No doubt there are some that are compatible, you may have more luck at the wrecker as I was trying to find a new one through repco etc... If u already have the old one out it shouldn't be too hard to compare with what the wreckers have. Btw I noticed japaneseimportspares have a few listed for the stagea (if u are in SA might be worthwhile checking) http://www.japaneseimportspares.com.au/nissanstageaw34standardpartsenginebay/3
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