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  1. Pm sent, money paid... now got to get the car sorted haha
  2. Yeah I'm in... I'll deposit the money tonight!
  3. Name: Ollie Copyrighted since: 1990 Location: Joondalup I drive a: Midnight Purple 1997 R33 SII [RB25DET] I work as: Ceiling Fixer Cruise/event attendance rate: Always cruising Music taste: dance, Drum n Bass Hobbies: Cars, Girls, booze and much more!!! About me.....moved from the uk in 05 to sunny australia! friendly guy as sum members know..love getting my hands dirty! playing with the skyline normally breaking somthing then fixing it again lol lots of plans for the 33, just bought a 4x4 so the skyline can sit in the garage and start the big turbo setup! looking forward too meeting other members soon ollie
  4. dan i deposited $30 into your account to join SAUWA under Midnight 33 but thats my display name, my user name is ollie90, sorry for the confusion. ollie

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