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  1. On Edge

    GTS or GTR? your posts are conflicting
  2. On Edge

    Happy New year to those here, I see the new year bringing a little more activity for all the RB people, best wishes and stay safe.
  3. Hi there, could you please pm me how much for a ID1000 setup. im going to be running e85 and currently have a standard 25 head and rail. Thanks
  4. On Edge

    Might have a s2 33 shell if he's interested in that avaliable soonish.
  5. On Edge

    They are the same as the s2 AFM Krish
  6. On Edge

    Still remember when SAU SA was firing really well. There was a real great period of time for imports that I believe has passed in terms of group social events for those that are mature, its up to the numbers if they want to see each other, without that nothing can really be done.
  7. On Edge

    Had a 740il, awesome car but not so awesome to repair, lol
  8. On Edge

    beautiful car mate keep it up!! enjoying the thread
  9. On Edge

    get a gtr wing, leave it at that. aero on standard road cars is the last thing you do.
  10. r33 gtst bottom piece of airbox
  11. Really interested to hear the solution
  12. What compounds did you use?
  13. Look forward to guard work!!
  14. On Edge

    Got one make an offer
  15. On Edge

    Great track car. 5k to get a track only one won't happen. Only consider a track gtr if you wanna spend a lot of money.