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  1. I know my original post was a while back but I'm still after an answer to this question - the time has come to pull this apart again and the bolt I was asking about still wont move in or out - just spins. I just tried a rattle gun on it with no luck. Is the "female" side of this thread accessible up under the car - it appaers to be above the rear subframe there somewhere? I have a pic - just need to work out how to add it to this thread. Failing accessing it can I just remove the head of the bolt and continue? All help appreciated. regards Andrew
  2. Still required if anyone can assist?
  3. As per title I'm after an R34 GT-R air conditioner condensor at the right price. Let me know if you have one and what price you were after. PM is best. regards Andrew
  4. I'm after a passenger side scuff/kick/sill plate to suit an R34 GTR. I've heard it called all three names but it basically covers the sill inside the car - can see it when you open the door. It clips in to place. Let me know if you have one and how much you want for it. PM is best. regards Andrew
  5. Thanks Terry, Checked the post out. same area I'm talking about but thats a battery change procedure? The battery is changed - I removed the rear plate/bulkhead/strutbrace no problem but now I'm putting it all back together and for some reason one of the bolts wont tighten up (and I wont be able to remove it in future when I need to get this bit out again). I need to know where the "nut" end of these bolts are and how I access them to repair it. I need some information from someone who has had the rear subframe/fuel tank/diff out one of these cars or a panel beater who has had to repair one I suspect. You'd think finding the end of some bolts which screw in to a bulkhead wouldn't be that hard but looking from underneath there's a lot of gear packed in there. Its a real pain how these simple jobs turn in to complex ones so quickly. All help appreciated. Thanks again. regards Andrew
  6. Hello All. I'm after some information from someone in the know. I recently had to change the battery in my R34 GTR. As part of this I had to remove the large plate/strut brace located in the boot - by the looks of it it ties the rear suspension towers/chassis together. Anyway to cut a long story short one of the "long" (longitudinal) bolts which screw in to the bulkhead beneath the shelf the battery and fuse box sits on now no longer tightens up - its actually the right hand upper one (there are four). It also wont screw back out which is a major pain. It feels like a captive nut on the other end is spinning rather than it being stripped. My question is where is the end of these bolts or what do they screw in to?? Looking from underneath I'd say they come out behind the fuel tank somewhere? I've had a search through the forums and cant find anyone with a similar problem unfortunately. I hope this makes sense. All help gratefully appreciated. regards Andrew
  7. Hello Dave, Received the mats for my R34 GTR - including the rear mats and centre for the rear - they look great - very happy thanks. Appreciate all your help. These are much better than the generic mats you buy from Super Cheap etc. Thanks again. regards Andrew
  8. Email/PM sent re the colour of my mat order - I mucked up Dave. Could you let me know if it is possible to change? Very sorry about the hassle. regards Andrew
  9. Did you receive my payment OK Dave? Haven't heard from you? Let me know if all is OK. regards Andrew
  10. I'm after an air conditioning condensor to suit an R34 GTR - the small heat exchanger (radiator) which goes in front of the engine radiator, preferably complete with receiver/dryer. Pic attached of what I'm after. If you have one or know where I can pick one up please contact me (PM preferred). regards Andrew
  11. Thanks for the info Shane - much appreciated. regards Andrew
  12. I'm after a picture of the standard duct which goes from the side of an R34/R33 GTR airbox in to the inner guard. Its the one on the side not the front snorkel I'm after the pics of. My car came with pods and I'm in the process of fitting a standard airbox. Have the box fitted but the side entry in the box is a coupe of inches from the hole in the inner guard. The attached section from the R33 GTR service manual shows I assume what I'm after. It looks just like a rounded triagular pipe into the inner guard if I'm correct. Not fitting anything will mean sucking hot air from the engine bay. Does anyone have one lying around or know if they are available genuine from Nissan? All help appreciated. regards Andrew
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