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  1. Thats Borgan not Bogan ya birdman
  2. Wonder if any relation to Wes..
  3. Plastic flex's, not glass ... You can just use regular paint, think panel shops are just putting it in the too hard basket..
  4. Yeah probably.i was thinking some adhesive, then fill it...pretty easy really...
  5. Oh...unless its just a respray a new bar kinda deal.. I dont see the big deal, its easy enough to patch up.. maybe there's silicons or something in glass that messes with their paints.. I'll try find out
  6. You can get a decent finish with megs and mothers, just needs reapplication a bit more often..
  7. I did say we could fix it, somehow.. Probably because some numpty fused the bumper the body, it cant be taken off for repair.. But we can patch it up if you want.. Anyway I'm too busy lately to do much.. Haven't washed my own cars for yonks
  8. Lol, is that still not fixed...
  9. Oh, I heard someone say turtle wax.. Wasn't you...?
  10. Turtle wax is garbage /end debate.
  11. What sort of coatings on it.. Dry with a good wet micro towel to get the bulk off, ( not a fan of chamois)then spray some quick detailer or something on the towel and go over it again.. Still time consuming but can be done in 10-15mins..
  12. . I got one of them to restore too, rusty old bucket it is.
  13. Not sure, I was happy with the whiskey.
  14. Cant believe I haven't been here for a year and you bitches are still squabbling over the same crap.. I miss you guys...
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