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  1. I hear you ! Stay at it ! Keep posting cause yours is a great one ! Have you read my post of "I FORGOT WHAT MY SKYLINE WAS FOR" ? Sums up for me why I have one.
  2. Bahahaha ! Is that your little lad giving the thumbs up as well ? Insanely cute ! And do you guys do scissor, paper, rock to see who gets up in that cherry picker . . . in winter . . . while its snowing ? Balls of brass that job right there !
  3. Agreed ! 5000km servicing with Penrite HPR50 40-70 will do it every time. 460k+ on the clock cant be wrong !
  4. Correct ! Looks like its a GTST clock spring. But you'll need a clock spring for the horn wire signal.
  5. Wait I just noticed its a GTS ! Has it got the rear steering Hicas system on it ?
  6. Now that is weird ! I've also got a S1 non air bag model and I've bolted up a R34 triptronic auto clock spring to the indicator mech no problems Get the part numbers off both the clock spring and blinker mech you have and run a check on them. some one might of had a fiddle with them to get an after market steering wheel to fit
  7. Stop . . . messing . . . about . . . . and get twin 50lb bottles . . . .
  8. Oh come on man ! Don't leave us hanging ! Details ! Details ! Details ! ? !
  9. There are very few left ! That is the rumor I am spreading on all media platforms. To drive the price up. As I've still got my Skyline. So it worth a premium price when I decide to sell for my retirement. Worked for the Ford 1971 XY GTHO Phase 3 !
  10. Gently remove the rubber seal around the window frame and you will see the screws that attach the chrome surround to the door frame.
  11. How did this meet up go with the bucketing down rain ? I work about 500m away and it would've been like going back to work on a Saturday night ! Also with the floods at my place . . . .
  12. Yes as GTSBoy said stuck on with double sided automotive tape AND widow frame clips If your getting the car resprayed I'd unscrew the entire chrome window frame and leave the weather shields attached. If you break the little plastic pin buttons that attach the weather shield to the mounting frame clips your stuffed. I know I've done this
  13. Could you post up a pic of your instrument cluster ? Ive seen something similar with a R33 Nismo cluster out of an auto went into a manual car. Tested it by putting it back into a auto and it worked fine.
  14. This one : - When I go on long drives where I figure help might not be around its always in the car
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