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  1. Hmmm. . . . Garlic Aoli . . . I'll have to try that ! My favorite is flambe with Grand Mariner . . . but they are a bit of a bugger to keepin them pan when you light it up ! ! !
  2. Um . . . Me . . . cause I like kittens . . . . with BBQ sauce . . . .
  3. The short answer is yes. The Nissan alloy radiators are pretty efficient. I've got a custom 95mm front mount inter cooler on my R33 mounted vertically in front of the radiator with the original front AC fan removed. I too thought it would over heat but even in summer on a 40 degree day it had no problem even with the AC running flat out. Eventually though, for piece of mind, I installed two 10 inch thermo fans hooked up to the original wiring so it switches on as per normal when required
  4. Oh dear now I'm off . . . . . Thought I saw an article on an Aussie battery invention - nickel - bromine batteries. Can be charged in minutes. As to the internal combustion engine nobody is even looking at the massive cargo ships that move goods around the world or the air lines that put the CO2 commissions directly into the upper atmosphere. Lets see them battery power them. And what about China building hundreds of coal powered power stations now ? Oh Oh and don't forget methane - 21 times more a contributor to green house warming than CO2 ! So we'd better get rid of all the burping cows. Oh Oh lets go nuclear . . . . nope no politician would commit political suicide with that one. So what we gotta do is . . . walk everywhere, become vegans, transport our good across the oceans by sailing ship and fly around the world in hot air balloons . . . . . . The reality is that there is a drop of petroleum in every single thing that is used in our society at the moment Unfortunately petroleum and there by products are here to stay for quite a while. Time for a Valium and a lie down . . . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  5. Post up a pic of the exact one you've got ! There are a lot of differences. I have a R33 series 1 manual and its running a R34 auto triptronic clock spring !
  6. Hey Everyone; Last night going home along the Great Western Highway at Kingswood a very nice S15 had broken down at the lights in the left hand lane turning right. No bugger would stop and give him a hand so I U-turned it down the road a bit and went back to see if I could help. Pulled up and he had gotten it into a side street and it wouldn't fire no matter how much he cranked it. It looked as if the fuel pump wasn't working so we tried bashing on the underside of the tank to see if we could get it to prime No soap there ! So we pupped out the carpet to get to the inspection cover. he wasn't carrying tools and luckily I had a full tool kit on me and we took off the inspection cover to find that there was fuel pouring out of the ring seal. This hadn't been installed correctly at on stage and when we re-seated it and tightened it up it fired up just fine with no leaks. He thanked me and was very grateful that I had even pulled up and proceed to tell me that in the past when he had broken down ( in a S14 ) he would cop abuse like "buy a Holden" and so on with no one pulling up to help Has anyone else gone through the coping "carism" And lets hope he pays it forward to anyone else who brakes down
  7. Yep P & R Automotive in Wetherill Park deal with theses car a far bit. Ask for Nick
  8. Eagle Chev 6” H Beam con rods x 6 with eagle rod bolts. purchased brand new but never used, always been in box. Only one pictured but I have 6 of them, all perfect Will suit RB30 with correct crank grind to suit. Do your research on how to fit them up. Western Sydney pick up or delivery at your cost. Asking $350 or ono
  9. Just to be clear Id put every adjustable arm, front and back, on mine BEFORE so I could achieve what I wanted and they still told me It wasn't possible on a R33. I was told this by a wheel aligner with 18 years experience in one place and 23 years experience in wheel alignment in the second place. The place I go to now got it up on the aligner to one look at it and said no problem ! Haven't had a problem with irregular tyre wear since. P.S. the very first place forgot to tighten the inner rear upper control arm bolt to the chassis so watch out where you go for you alignment.
  10. Oh don’t get me started on front and fear camber on R33s ! I got very tired of seeing my tyres chewed out on the inside because of what wheel alignment places said I must run for my car when all I wanted was the car to run flat on the road and wear the tires evenly. Eventually ( after going to two noteable alignment places who told me it couldn’t be done ) I found a place that adjusted the camber to run flat on the road. I run 255 on the front and 265 on the rear so and get full use out of the tyres even with the rear squatting down under load. Next one was trying to get the rear subframe alighted centrally to the body so the tyres don’t stick out of the guards by 10 or so millimeters on one side !
  11. Not that rare ! I got a couple of them spare in my garage
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