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  1. Yup ! Tried to go early on Saturday morning and it was closed
  2. This might also be the go : R32GTR castor rods:
  3. Decrease the size of that turbo ( but keep it cause your gonna put it back on later, trust me on this ) and retune You'll get a better driving car which is what they are designed for ( see my post on General Automotive Discussion on what your skyline is for ). I drive mine every day and a bit of perspective is a great thing
  4. Oh noooooooo! Im going for run up there very early tomorrow morning ! Or was !! ! ! ! !
  5. I think Putty road was closed yesterday fro Colo to Mellong yesterday due to bush fires ! Hope this isn't a sign of thing to come for the cruise
  6. Yep permaseal have a pretty good rep ! Or you could, as advised by TerryP above, the standard fibre/graphite gasket is also a brilliant idea. Its up to you. It also might be a goo idea to put a straight edge on the exhaust manifold to check it for warping. No point putting it back on if it bent like a banana. So what Im saying is - are the studs broken from heat stress over time or cause the exhaust manifold has warped and broken them ! Cast iron manifolds really really dont like and engine wash when hot.
  7. Yes in the vast majority of cases the studs will break. The trick is, as your loosening them and they start to bind up don't try and force undoing them. Wind them back in and WD40 the bejesus out of the stud and wind it in and out until it loosens up and then take them out. I've never known there to be a untouched RB engine that the back stud isn't snapped off. Replace the lot and it will save you a world of pain doing it again or suffering exhaust leaks.
  8. Oooo! Oooo! Pick me !Pick me ! Is it: "Too Infinity and beyond" ? ?
  9. Ok but I get three guesses ! Is it this:
  10. Hmmmm . . . . beer and chicken . . .served on what looks like news paper ! Now that takes me back to my childhood with the old fish and chip shop serving the fish and chips wrapped in the Sydney Morning Herald. . . nothing tasted better . . . than news ink with your chips !
  11. I make epoxy at my work so why not ! ? ! ? And I do like a good bit of jackhammer work
  12. Yep ! What mlr said pretty much sums it up. "a short cruise" ? Whats your definition ? The Putty Rd might be your friend here for the test drive you are seeking. I go on a very regular basis to clear my head when life pressure happens.
  13. Yup what he said ! My boss just got him self one ! A serious bit of kit and got it for a bargain price of 235K. Took me for a ride in it . . .goes very well . . . . . very very well !
  14. Oh no ! No cruising for you for a while cause your cash is going into your bathroom reno ! And the same for me as a alloy Holden 6 Duggan head has popped up on for sale for my other project !
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