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  1. Been there, done that ! A bit of tetra ethyl lead, av gas with a flick of nitro methane swizzled around with a drop of pure methanol with put hairs on your chest.
  2. Ah memories ! I remember talking to the Honda F1 engineers about their 80s Honda F1 engines back in the day ! Well over 1000hp out of less than 1.5 litres . . . . . Sigh . . . take me back to simpler days . . . . and unlimited budgets . . .
  3. Hey Johnny; I got two AC compressors in my garage, you can have, that only need the front bearings changed out if you need them. Change out the bearing then swap out the compressor ! Might save you some time.
  4. I have the same coil overs as you but a Whiteline 27mm front sway bay and a 27mm R33 GTR rear on my GTST ! Cant speak more highly for this set up on mine. As well Im running 255/18s on the front and 265/18s on the rear. Yes poly bushes for everything will help to some degree on a 23 year old car
  5. PLYNX

    Gas tank

    Oh thats gonna hurt ! I got one but . . . . . . . . A second hand fuel tank might be classed as a dangerous goods for transport and that's where the transport companies hit you hard shipping from Australia. You might want to research check out that first and see the costs involved.
  6. PLYNX

    Gas tank

    I assume its a R33 ? Your location may well help as well ! ? !
  7. In the first pic . . why are all those guys looking at your Skyline ? . . . . .ah America . . . I forgot Fast & Furious . . . . .
  8. Welcome to SAU . . . . post up some surgery images of your beast and I'm sure there will be a wealth of advice forth coming.
  9. If your on a budget take your plastic ones to a good panel beater and get them to sand and polish them then two pack clear urethane them. Works a treat and much cheaper than a new set
  10. Went again early Saturday morning to check it out ! A very interesting drive with rain, fog, sunshine, aquaplaning, a mental P plater, kangaroos, a bloody great Angus bull ( with attitude ) in the middle of the road, just after the Grey Gums cafe and finally the second windy section of road is under road works with a 60km/h speed limit with cops (3) patrolling it as well ! . . . . . . not a bad drive actually ! Bahahahah !
  11. Welcome aboard ! Yep got to tentatively agree with CeJay ! I got mine in from Japan and it had 49,000 kms on the clock ! In saying that its now got 427,000 kms on it now ( its my daily driving car ) still on the same motor. Just goes to show, if maintained regularly, how well they are engineered. You'll love it
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