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  1. Found em ! Here what can be done with a linisher, die grinder, sanding discs, etc etc. Note the difference where excess metal is removed. You'll also need a set of fairly accurate scales to weigh each rod to get them all the same weight towards the end of the process. The finished rod is now ready for shot peening :
  2. GTSboy Ive done the same over the years as well running the old Holden inline red motor 6 up to 7000rpm on preped star fire rods and just over 8000rpm on preped VW Passat rods so it can be done. You just need to get rid of the excess casting slag and weight from the rod then prep them the rest of the way. I Ive got a set of RB30 rods half preped some where which I stopped cause here in AUS the after market rods worked out better. Have you looked into maybe a set of after market 6 inch Chev rods ? They can made to fit with a small amount of work ! Research Research Research !
  3. Clearing out my garage ! Pair of R33GTST rear 5 stud hubs, brakes, discs, handbrake lines - $300 for the pair Pair of Federal 245/45/17 Super Steel 595. Were on the front of my R33 for less than a week and weren't low enough in the profile, then went to 18s - $180 for the pair Nismo horn, a bit scratched up and small damage to the plastic cover $30 Prices are of coarse negotiable with in reason. Located at the foot of the Blue Mountains or Wetherill Park NSW Contact by PM
  4. Um was that sarcasm or were you being sardonic ?
  5. Hey Man; That all looks pretty good Just a few things I've spotted in your build; -Do some research on how much power has been made with stock cams on the RB25 head ! I think you might be over investing for the power you want to make. Some drop in cams for the on the hydrolic set up will save you a bunch of money here -O-ring the block - if your going to run a cometic head gasket that should be fine.- the alternative is to run a copper head gasket with the o-ringing. Coupled with this, save your little lunch money and get head studs for better clamp pressure. -As to the rods crack testing, shot peening and magnafulxing them will increase their strength and has been a tried and true method for stock rods since Noah was a boy. -And lastly, again save your lunch money and drop in a set of forged pistons, don't do it twice ( the money you will save on the head set up may even allow the rods you are after ) Hope this helps
  6. My go at it a while ago now ! Got a box of unfinished ones to suit LM2s/3s/4s that need the mounting hardware for the different models
  7. You mean Portland in the Unites States of Trump ? ?
  8. Where is the weirdest place you've see a skyline ? On Saturday I needed to clear my head and went for a big drive out west from Sydney. Filled up the 33 and about a couple of hours in driving along I spotted a R33 Skyline in a paddock with grass growing up to the doors. I threw a U-turn and went back to find it was a GTR ! ! Which blew me away ! So again the question is where is the weirdest place you've see a skyline ?
  9. Now that's really weird cause I read it in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice ! !
  10. Hmmm. . . . Garlic Aoli . . . I'll have to try that ! My favorite is flambe with Grand Mariner . . . but they are a bit of a bugger to keepin them pan when you light it up ! ! !
  11. Um . . . Me . . . cause I like kittens . . . . with BBQ sauce . . . .
  12. The short answer is yes. The Nissan alloy radiators are pretty efficient. I've got a custom 95mm front mount inter cooler on my R33 mounted vertically in front of the radiator with the original front AC fan removed. I too thought it would over heat but even in summer on a 40 degree day it had no problem even with the AC running flat out. Eventually though, for piece of mind, I installed two 10 inch thermo fans hooked up to the original wiring so it switches on as per normal when required
  13. Oh dear now I'm off . . . . . Thought I saw an article on an Aussie battery invention - nickel - bromine batteries. Can be charged in minutes. As to the internal combustion engine nobody is even looking at the massive cargo ships that move goods around the world or the air lines that put the CO2 commissions directly into the upper atmosphere. Lets see them battery power them. And what about China building hundreds of coal powered power stations now ? Oh Oh and don't forget methane - 21 times more a contributor to green house warming than CO2 ! So we'd better get rid of all the burping cows. Oh Oh lets go nuclear . . . . nope no politician would commit political suicide with that one. So what we gotta do is . . . walk everywhere, become vegans, transport our good across the oceans by sailing ship and fly around the world in hot air balloons . . . . . . The reality is that there is a drop of petroleum in every single thing that is used in our society at the moment Unfortunately petroleum and there by products are here to stay for quite a while. Time for a Valium and a lie down . . . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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