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  1. Have you checked everything on the rack ? Like the mounting bushes ? hint hint (search) ! Rack ends ? As GTSBoy stated get underneath while its on stands and get a friend to turn the rack back and forth, lock to lock, and see if there is anything unusual.
  2. That's an exceptional price for that front quarter cut ! Even here in Aus you couldn't get it for that price ! And that front bar will transform the front of the car. Another cosmetic thing I did was change out the front guard blinkers to clear or smoked versions. After a while I started to notice it was the only yellow thing on the car and, to me, didn't look right.
  3. 5 Zigen Twin Mode Clutch System ! So you can have both !
  4. Holy Snappin Duck Sh%t Batman ! That's a seriously Warragamba Dam sized front air dam man ! I've got a heap of envy bordering on jealousy ! I remember a white fastback coup from back in the day with the same sized flares makin 380hp. Had some weird engine conversion running a Yamaha head . . . Loved them back then and still love em now !
  5. So around 30K AUD which is a very good price for a clean unit like that ! Buy It ! It'll get plenty of attention in the US !
  6. Looks like a clean unit and I like the number plate ! What $ are they asking in the US, if you don't mind me asking ?
  7. I've been down a similar road( as probably everyone has) and lately its been worse across the board. So i started to have a serious look at how its generated and found we, in life are bombarded by negativity to the point of conditioning. You turn on any media stream and its how bad things are not how good we are doing, no matter what the subject. You start to think the negative side of things are the norm and expect it to go pear shaped even before you start. So, how to get over it ? Well, for me, behind my office desk I have a few quotes, framed up on my wall and they go like this: 1. - "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done its always your choice." - Wayne Dyer 2. - "If you wait by the river long enough, bodies of your enemies will go floating by." Sun Tzu - The Art of War. 3. - "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. Its Not" - Dr Seuss 4 - "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got" - Henry Ford. And lastly I really get motivated when someone tells me I cant be done. If you re-think how you think your mental process will change and along with that your problem solving ability and so you motivation will be renewed.
  8. Oh I just remembered if I make it to 70 years that's 613200 hours ! No time to waste as that don't seem very long ! I gotta stop reading stuff like this !
  9. My preference was the South African ( where car jacking and car theft was a massive problem ) solution where they install an bunch of flame thrower pipes under the drivers side door sill. So when they crims tried to jack it you stomped on a switch and it shot 1.5 meter flames on them.
  10. Its a fairly common problem as Ive repaired a few of them over time. Take out the climate control unit. Un-clip the tabs that hold the fascia on ( there's a few of them and I think you have to unscrew the two holding screws at the back ) Once its apart you'll see the two plastic tabs/hinges that hold the OFF button in place are broken off. Under the button will be a small white pin that goes into the unit that presses the internal switch. I discarded this and cut the same length of plastic tube from the inside of a ball point pen and attached it to the small cross on the inside of the OFF button using a small cut down male electrical connector ( 4mm bullet male connector ) and a bit of epoxy glue to get it into place. Bit of a fiddily job but might be worth it seeing your in Canada
  11. From what I have seen in my own R33 they will work in either. What has happened to your original one ?
  12. Brilliant build ! Dam! I love this style of old ovloV ! Im still tryin to get a guy I know to part with his 242 GT ! But the bugger wont budge. Grrrrrrrrr .
  13. A very nice rid indeed ! A type M front bar is your friend here ! It will bulk up the front and suit your side skirts and rear pods . . . . that's my styling opinion anyway !
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