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  1. Get a Kia Stinger. 12s in the quarter mile. And you'll get change from the 65K for mods to make it even faster ! !
  2. Seriously a LC ? 2 or 4 door ? If its a 2 door you might of devalued it a bit with the RB26 ! ( no disrespect to the RB26 ! ) The prices of Torries these days are through the roof.
  3. I cant resist . . . . its from Roswell . . . maybe it was a b d u c t e d . . . . certainly looks like aliens tampered with it . . . and yes I know, before you all start, I can read a map too !
  4. Yep - but Ive only see it on N/A non hicas R33s ! I had to adapt and modify three different cruise control units to get it to work. It uses parts of the factory cruise control, an after market cruise control unit, a clock spring from a R34 Tripronic auto and matching R34 steering wheel
  5. Connecting cable to the Flux Capacitor ! Should connect up to the roof somewhere.
  6. Bahahaha ! Very droll ! My guess would be a heavy handed mechanic not torquing up the bolt to the right spec and fracturing the aluminium
  7. I believe it was an cold weather option for Nissan's for the north of Japan so as to see the car better in heavy fog or snow conditions
  8. Is that 238 number a test of hardness ? If so which one ? Is it Brinell, Rockwell, Knoop or Vickers ? My understanding of Cryo treatments is that it is a stress reliving process - cooling the metal down to a very low temp and bringing up to a very high temp over a long period of time, usually around 48 hours. I believe this realigns the dendritic crystalline structure of the metals for greater rigidity and thus greater strength.
  9. How do you delete the images in my "My Attachments" file please I want to clear it out but cant seem to find a delete function ! Thanks in advance
  10. Its also about supply cost here in Aus. For what we do, we were getting ethanol supplied at around $1.25/L. Now due to the Corvid 19 hand sanitizer manufacture its jumped to over $5.00/L
  11. A 300hp holden 202 N/A engine is a very good power out put for that motor. I know cause I cut my teeth on the Holden 6 for many years and am working on an ongoing supercharged nostalgia project.
  12. Nope ! As far as I'm aware, from my dinosaur chemical brain, its about the same as pump gas for viscosity and energy. Was looking at it many years ago, when I was blending fuels for high performance engines, when they started discontinuing high octane leaded fuels.
  13. Dont know why, in Australia, we've never gone down the Butanol path, a direct replacement for the fuel we now use, with out any engine mods and can be made from the vast amount of waste vegetable production that never makes it to market that gets plowed back into the ground cause its to big, wrong colour, wrong shape or has slight blemishes on it.
  14. I didn't realize it till I saw it and it is now my dream car ! Forget the Aston Martin Vulcan I've been saving for ( for the next 300 life times ) I can have this beauty NOW ! !
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