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  1. RB20DET (NA R33) to RB25DET (Turbo R33) manual gearbox swap. Required Parts: - RB25DET Gearbox inc. crossmember, shifter - RB25DET Tailshaft - RB25DET Gearbox loom (for all the sensors) also known as an alternator loom. - RB25DET Clutch slave Your speedo will likely be off by almost half if you have a factory 4.36 LSD, some NA's had them some didn't. You'll need to swap over to a 4.11 LSD or install a speedometer calibrator.
  2. Anyone looking for a quality JDM short shifter? price slightly negotiable!
  3. Hi Gav,I believe the R32 GTR uses a different shifter. If anyone has a confirmed answer feel free to reply as I'm not entirely sure.
  4. Tomei Short Shifter up for sale, rare and discontinued item. Includes all installation parts and instructions if required. Includes GKtech Solid shifter bushing. Shortens throw by 30% and makes shifting more precise, quicker and feel more solid. Selling due to upgrading to an RB25DET gearbox. Price is firm. Fitment: S13, S14, S15 (5 speed only) - Both KA & SR, R32 & R31 (GTS), R33 & R34 (GTS25NA), Z31 (VG20, RB20), A31) Price: $250 (Not Negotiable) Location: Melbourne (SE Suburbs) Contact: 0401 025 251 or via PM
  5. You really shouldn't be working on your own car if you can't figure out something as simple as this.... ill give you a hint... see the metal bracket? remove it from the relay and flip it around so it sits on the other side... then mount it normally using the screws.
  6. Update with some recent pictures of the tyres. stored in my garage. please have the funds ready.
  7. Each to there own opinion. The tyres have been stored correct. No issues with them.
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