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  1. Thanks very much everyone for the info wow I’m surprised by the answers I got. Well ya Learn something every day I guess
  2. Hey everyone have a quick question does anyone have a photo of under there engine on a r33 coupe? I’ve tried googling but got not nothing reason for this, is my engine builder finally has the new engine running in the car and is telling me the sump is now leaking oil around the welds. He needs to remove the sump to fix it, But he needs to take the engine back out of the car, for when he goes to reinstall, he wants to make sure it fits 100 percent. He says a cross member and other stuff is in the way. Surely this couldn’t be right? couldn’t imagine you would have to take a motor out of a car just to put a sump back on?
  3. A tow bar on a skyline... not gonna lie but you have me very worried, please explain
  4. Yeah I’m not sure man. I hate not being a mechanic. New to all of this. It appears I need to do some reading hahaha. all I know is that the bloke that Owned the car said something about it was set up for staged fuel or something
  5. Thanks, can any trigger kit work with any balancer. He said I have a Ross tuff balancer and I should go with a Ross tuff trigger kit.
  6. Yup, long story short brought the car drove it for 112km and found metal shavings in the sump then pulled the motor out and apparently the block and head was f**ked, had to get a new block and head built- took nearly 12 months and now the loom is no good
  7. Ah yeah I’ve just read them my self lol, platinum pro plugin
  8. Ah yeah that does look mint as for that connector... never even noticed that before lol.. As for the ecu I think it could be a plug n pro or platinum but will ask engine builder tomorrow do have these random photos not sure if ya could tell of them
  9. I’m using a haltech, I’m hoping they do quality work, they source an outsider to do the looms for them
  10. Is it bad? If you could give me any pointers I can question him about the layout.
  11. Not sure as I’m no way in means of mechanic, but he said something about it’s had a bit of stuff deleted off the loom and something about connectors or pins. It has a Haltech ecu in it. Would of thought I could get a haltech loom and modify that but he reckons it would cost more in labour to set up
  12. Yeah that’s what was in it before I got it, apparently they are ls coils or something. Engine builder said about putting r35 coils in it. But already up to 7k for loom and trigger kit let alone coils etc. not sure if I should put the car in storage while I save the extra money for coil, loom, trigger kit or get him to finish as it and just risk it and do the extra mods when I have the funds
  13. Yes for sure, just sucks as I’ve been quoted x amount for my set up then it has actually been double $ then made me put a nitro crank in it(6k) on top of the quote and now an extra 7k on top for loom and trigger kit and hasent even been started yet😞 he reckons if one of the wires breaks it could blow my engine somthing about firing in the wrong order or somthing(I’m not a mechanic lol)
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