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  1. おつかれさま! Let us know what it is like on the other side! I am going to keep flogging this dead horse for a while!
  2. If that isn't accepted then I don't know what is. What Japan does and what Japan says are two different things. I confuse the two all the time
  3. Wow... man what is it about Japan that turns people fascist?
  4. Laurence

    2009 Msc Schedule

    Unfortunately there is nothing on in May
  5. Laurence

    2009 Msc Schedule

  6. I literally watch seconds of Japanese TV a week, but I am pretty sure that was what I saw... There was also a raid on some nasty sea urchin poachers. To be honest I think for anyone who steals uni then eats it, the punishment fits the crime. I stopped watching as they were entering a club up a staircase so I didn't see the rest unfortunately. My condolences to your friend that he was the victim of the random displays of action that Japanese police like to do.
  7. Japanese police are scum... There are no words to describe the vehemence of my hatred towards them. The law is on their side and they have a long history of bullshit charges, botched investigations and forced confessions. Avoid them at all costs, unless you have one in front of a bulldozer you are driving.
  8. I presume candy is a euphemism for 19~28 year old broad minded females who want to play ride the gaichinchin? Cause that really is great stuff...
  9. The only way you can send me anything EMS is if I leave the country. 100% they don't and be VERY glad of that... you may also find that your girlfriends overseas experience and way of thinking has made her something of a pariah in Japan, especially if she has passed 25. After I while I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't have to see another starry eyed Japanese kid go overseas and come back having got a taste of Western culture to return to the hard slog of Japanese life, you saw them discover their souls, just to have it crushed like a sticking out nail. When you start asking "why" Japan becomes a hard place to deal with... I always thought you could continue doing that while you are overseas, you should start with Hoshino's website!Anyway, Luke, sit down, relax... telling you how it is, is not going to work you just have to find out for yourself, in two years you will be on here lecturing some n00b in the same way. Every single one of us on this forum thought we were different, thought we could deal with it, thought we wouldn't make the mistakes the others did. But we did, all of us, because we are gaijin. Read Akeenans posts over the last year or two, the change in attitude is staggering, read my posts, again the same. Read anyones posts who has been in Japan a long time and you will see that living here as a foreigner is a very dynamic process with lots of stages that 99.999999% of us go through. Enjoy the honeymoon period...
  10. I am going back on the 11th of December... It is only a break this time but I am going to be thinking seriously about leaving here for good... Time will tell I guess...
  11. You guys do realise that "you will never be Japanese" is a compliment
  12. It is a bit hard to buy dollars when all you have is dollars which is the whole problem!
  13. 1 day, go to Crystal. You don't have time for anything else. I posted some detailed instructions on how to get there in a couple of threads, hopefully a bit of searching will bring them up.
  14. I dunno man... Australia has been surfing a JDM spec property bubble for over 10 years, i think the property party is over! Regardless of how cheap the dollar is. I just wish I had some spare yen to throw into my Aussie mortgage.
  15. It seems that silver is the new gold knore, I guess a stockpile of silver will come in handy when the world vampire conspiracy reveals itself and its minions attack. They will strike when we have become weakened, but while our blood is still juicy and fresh... and that boys and girls is as good as any prediction you are going to hear all week. Care to drag out your reports from two months ago and let us know what they said. I would be interested to hear
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