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  1. my st170 focus has the getrag 6 speed gearbox
  2. hey mate is this still for sale im interested. you have pm..
  3. the red latch thingo is to join the wires together
  4. ok some pics of side skirts and rear bar 1 ofthe side skirts has a couple of sall cracks and the other has a bit broken off it as seen in the picture
  5. thats crazy what the hell did they think they were doing playing with a basketball lol maybe they thought it would make em less sus at 1230 am. Nothing sus lol
  6. ok some more stuff for sale got a rear bar n side skirts for 32 gtst rear bar is in good condition side skirts are a bit rough. $100 for the rear bar $50 for side skirts
  7. I'm pretty sure there is so many cams there because there is no where to pull over in between those two points on the m4 so if you break down or have an accident they can get someone out to you
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