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  1. manual, 112000kms, November rego, new factory turbo, stainless exhaust, 17in mags, alarm, immobilisers, well maintained, new brakes, CD, good condition $19400 LANE COVE, NSW 0402-47 7886
  2. FOR SALE: Nissan Skyline 1996 GTST R33, series 2, m-spec. 110000kms, November rego, new factory turbo, 17 inch mags, stainless steel exhaust, airbags, ABS, alarm + 3 point immobiliser, Pioneer CD, good condition. Lane Cove, Sydney $21300 ph: 0402 477 886
  3. i found the same thing with my cam cover...nipping them up a bit fixed my leaks aswell
  4. just a thought... Maybe try cutting the grooves in the spark plug...as mentioned before, to act as a tap. But also break out all the guts of the spark plug aswell (or drill hole through it). This will allow you to feed an airline through the centre of the plug. Using a box spanner (with the airline passing through it) you should be able to cut away the carbon while pressurising the cylinder at the same time to stop particles from getting in there. Just a thought, ive never tried it or heard anyone that has.
  5. Upper engine cleaner is really only good for carbon buildup. If you are having problems with detination or know that you are running overly rich and not giving the car a good hammering now and then, then it may be worth considering. Carbon buildup will effectively raise your compression ratio (by reducing the compressed cylinder volume) so will therefore help performance unless of cause detination is occuring.
  6. do not use the factory hoses marked with a coloured band around it as this marks where an orifice plug is. This will cause your boost controller to not work properly.
  7. Thanks heaps for the posts. I got it right...by luck. Saves me pulling everything off again! As far as I can see the rb20 timing belt setup and the RB25 timing belt setup are identical (except for maybe bolt torques and spring tension etc). Mental note, dont let your girlfriend look over your shoulder while you are doing a timing belt job again...you need all the concentration you can get thanks again, im sure other people will make use of the attachments cheers nick
  8. Does anyone know the correct way to install the timing belt tensioner spring. Does the outer spring tag sit against the stud sticking out of the block. Also, from what i understand, the tensioner spring tensions itself when the motor is turned over by hand a few times and then the tensioner bolt is tightened...is this right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers Nick
  9. Burns, Where did you get your tow bar from? Is it a straight bolt up job? cheers
  10. I am after a driverside headlight for a R33 series 2 gtst. I live in sydney. cheers Nick
  11. I am after an R33 GTST series 2 turbocharger unit. It must have low km's usage, in good condition and be the right price. I will also consider any modified unit. I am in sydney and want to get it ASAP. Please let me know if you can help in my search. cheers nick
  12. hi, i am after a drivers side headlight for a GTST series 2 cheers nick
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