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  1. I ran the Bee-R for a bit on my KA-T setup stateside and on my RB25 for a bit.... if you just set it and forget it, the turbo will be fine. Don't abuse it as stated above. you will go through gaskets fast. I took mine off of my RB because I have PFC now. using Bee-R as a 2step device is not a good idea... my installation write up http://240sxdrifter.tripod.com/writeups/r33bee-r.html
  2. no sir my engine is a S1. I fixed the issue about 2 hours ago I had to power the injectors and cut the thick white wire on the relay next to the ecu and hook power up to the other wire not connected to the relay.
  3. there was nothing to patch. swapped the entire engine with harness over and every plug was plugged up. engine ran fine before the swap. the only thing disconnected are the grounds and power source amongst the obvious things to remove the engine. no spark at all. I used 3 CAS, 1 set of coil packs and 3 ignitors today. been reading up on possible relay issues.... I directly powered and grounded the relay still nothing. Ill figure something out... events are coming up fast.
  4. Hello guys Just last week I wrecked my ECR33 drifting at the track.......... fast forward a few days and I have a new HR33 with my old engine set. the only difference I see is the small junction box above the ecu location on the HR33 only has one spot for the big plug and that's it. The small clip next to it reminds me of the body wiring loom for the s13.. this was blank as well when removing the HR33 engine harness.. I cut the small clip that fits into that location on the HR33 off of the ECR33.... If its similar to the s13/14... that is just for your gauge cluster. basically my injectors which worked before the swap are not clicking when cranking or turning CAS by hand. I have not check spark yet as it was getting late and had to go to work in 3 hours. I am getting plenty fuel. Ill try another CAS after work. anyone done this swap and if so what were any issues if any? ps running PFC not issues at all after the crash.
  5. Payment Paypal: TeamMNR@yahoo.com Contact Email: BigGameHit@yahoo.com S13 redtop SR20 upper/lower engine harness bundle $250 shipped ( only missing one misc plug, ecu harness is unhacked ) RB26 HKS Intake kit $120 shipped S13/180 side glass covers $60 shipped RB25 Ignitors $95 shipped Alaska,Hawaii, Australia will have to add an additional $20 to the price of any item.
  6. Yea im running this mini acer with xp loaded. Ill uninstall the serial to usb drivers and FC datalogit and redo it all again. Thanks for the info brothers, it's unlimited here, Cant wait until I can give back in relation to PFC and FC datalogit.
  7. I have been running my Power FC along with FC data-logging for a month now..... this week I just started getting "Unit not responding" and during start up of program "power FC can't locate default.dat" I checked all of my connections and even reinstalled the FC data-logging software. anyone else experience this before??
  8. roger that brothers.. thanks ps send some of that warm weather my way lol.
  9. Hey guys I live in a pretty Arctic area in Japan. I have a remote start kit and was wondering if its a go or no go with Power FC as Part of the controller box must be tapped into the RPM signal. If the kit isgoing to alter my signals in anyway... I will suck it up and just manually start my car each morning..... not that important. thanks
  10. hey thanks a lot brother. I feel super noobish now. I preach for others to use the FSM lol but I neglected it hhahah. Thanks
  11. yea it was a quick glitch. I ran aem wideband on my ka-t I already like this plx more.
  12. Roger that.. yea I remember reading to turn 02 feedback off while tuning lol... I forgot to do it the other day and the wideband froze up. thanks that is pretty much what I thought, just wanted to clarify before I went and blew up my PFC. ps does NOVA stand for Northern Virginia?? if so im from Maryland and I use to hang out with the slideways crew while there. I think I seen your car on a U.S east coast forum before.
  13. Hello I have been searching and found nothing in relation to my question. Just a few key words here and there and other very useful info. I just installed my M-300 plx wideband. I have the schematic to wire in the analog signal for closed loop operations. to anyone who has done this... did you wire in the 20ohm resister and if so where did you tap into. I see nothing listed under the rb25's ecu pinout for o2 heater. I was thinking it could be for an RB26 setup. I'm running Power FC standard with FC datalogit. ps could I also just insert the analog wire from my plx analog output into the FC datalogit analog input?
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