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  1. threre are two relays, one for the glass, one for the tailgate motor. both located in the CECM in the drivers kick panel - from memory
  2. motor is probably dead. happened to me, so I kept a few spare. they are an absolute PITA to replace, but not impossible.
  3. assholes. scotty, I hope whoever has taken them has the decency to return them.
  4. youd need to reach all the way around to your wallet. can you reach that far?
  5. lol id put a number on them but I think it might scare some people
  6. Have all 3 workshop manual books, in Japanese, fantastic condition, no tears or damage. Covers 2001-2007 models including the rare manual RWD M35 (I think) Also have the wiring diagram book also in Japanese. Un-damaged, folds out and is massive. Covers all models except the above mentioned rare model. All cost me a hell of a lot, so not sure if I want to hang onto them or not. Just checking interest.
  7. OK ive taken Leon up on his offer of taking over the forum Looks like the forum will be living on is his capable hands I've left it to Leon to re-enable the forum, so please start bugging him about it hehe thanks everyone for your assistance, offers and of course your input. The forum is nothing without everyone. Ill still be hanging around even though I don't have an M35. However I still have bits of one in my garage and craigs garage!
  8. I was, but now im back! I have messaged a few people back. waiting for responses.
  9. exactly, needs a full-time admin to keep it going. something I don't have the time to do looking for a new owner, don't want to sell it or want money for it. happy to just hand it all over to whoever I deem worthy (after speaking to a few key people on here). feel free to post in here, or PM me. unfortunately due to my work, im pretty busy, don't always even get time to hit up the VWW forums for my own car. I hope someone can keep it going and has the time to keep it maintained. damn bots sting me as im not always keeping security updated. unfortunately this effects all users.
  10. the deposit needs to be paid to me before ill release the Japanese books
  11. ahhh yeah that's right, the m35 ones in English were from a V35 I think. had to take them down. one day they will be back up!
  12. the entire jap version is available??
  13. they are probably the same. that said, I have one if you need it. was taken from a working car, and used in craigs car to test if his was faulty
  14. id much appreciate an FAQ up on that board!
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