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  1. *whole post edited by mods* once again guys sorry 4 endorsing this event
  2. um livingston shops is on ranford rd and nicholson rd but is not the meet point. meet point is on corner of warton rd and amherst rd
  3. yeh tonight should b good, this might b turnd into a charity event 4 telethon as it is this w/e. gateways would have b a good meet point but evry event i've been on that stops there gets busted by the cops mayb 4 the next one i organise south my meet there as i will have a north meet point aswell, just wana hear the feed back on this cruise and c how ppl like it or wat could b different will b much appriciated as so the next one will b beta.
  4. lol u should b there ur only 20 min away from the meet point hah. sorry guys if this has been posted or if there r any blank post.... comp is screwing up
  5. lol u should b there ur only like 20 min away from the meet point
  6. i've put the details in anotha post but 4 u guys just incase no1 hase seen it the cruise meet point is at the suthern river shops on the corner of WARTON RD N AMHERST RD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8.30
  7. dR34mRb25

    3/10/09 Cruise!

    well guys as u seen on my otha post there is a cruise happening if u have read my otha post u will no wat to bring. the meet point is at suthern river shops corner of warton rd n amherst rd........ u will need a full tank of petrol 4 tonight. there is a bp station 30seconds down the road from this point. or 4 those who want caltex and food from macca's will have 2 go 2 livingston shops and meet back at the point. also seeing as it is raining 2night it might b wise 4 some wet weather gear. sorry for u guys from the north might b a bit far but will sort out anotha cruise 2 head up north in the up coming weeks Cheers guys see ya out there
  8. hey guys saturday night is looking pretty good for us 2 do this cruise, just a note bring some warm clothes as it does get quite cold. cant tell u guys many details til first meet point, maps have been sorted out just working on the minor details now. anyone from north sorry 4 where it will b but u wont wana miss out, once again the details will b up saturday 4 anyone interested. Cheers
  9. any one who is after more information plz PM me and i will get back 2 u as soon as possible
  10. There will be a car cruise on saturday night the 3rd of october meeting at 8.30 2 grab something 2 eat. Leaving the meet point at 9.15. the meet point will be placed up on here sometime after 1am friday night for all of those who are interested. maps will b handed out. the cruise will take part through the hills spare tyres are recomended for this event aswell as some food n drink as there will b no shops after the first meet point. more info uploaded friday night so keep an eye out on the forum saturday
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